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    2001 Motor with a 2003 frame 4mill 115mm F.A.S.T dune\play port stock cylinder .020 over +4 Timing Vito's Hemi Head 2 with 22cc domes @160psi V Force 4's, billet intakes and 35mm PWK's Toomey T5's F.A.S.T. clutch kit, F.A.S.T. shifter mod and Pro Design impeller Full Flight +2+1 A-Arms with Elka piggyback 2 stage shocks and 7 way adjustable steering stabilizer

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  1. https://www.jdscustoms.com/product/yamaha-banshee-rear-rotor-guard-brake-stay/
  2. I figured I would make this the new weld test. If you can weld the gap you’re hired.
  3. When your engineer says he can design that, no problem...
  4. I thought it was the not weld technique. Learn something everyday.
  5. It was supposed to be tig. I don’t know what to call it
  6. Guy came in for a weld test today. What hourly rate should I start him and?
  7. Claude, It sounds like you and I have very similar engines. I started out my build running 100ll also. I started with 20cc domes and it was too much compression for the octane rating of 100ll. I was backing plugs out... Just saying to be careful here. I think I was at 180 psi with 100ll at the time. I ended up going to 22cc domes for reliability and longevity. I didnt miss the extra down low grunt from the switch all that much.
  8. I had this same problem when I did my 4 mill stock cylinder from Jeff at FAST. He told me to gap my plugs at .020 (.5MM). Cleared it up for me! Also check pickup gap...
  9. Not so much that no one wants to work. No one wants to earn a living. Fucking crackheads will work their ass off to secure their next fix, but people want their living to be handed to them. On the govt dole with housing, utilities, food, phone etc... Why earn a living if its given to you?
  10. When you don't have a tube laser and you DGAF
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