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Right side OEM Mikuni carb (non choke side)


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Machining skills weren't as good as you thought they were?

Yeah the “skills” it takes to machine then drill an already almost fully drilled hole in a piece of aluminum cast and then tap it with a real life M6x.75 tappy doo dad was overwhelming.
So I practiced by making a 21 station progressive stamping die that makes this:b920551016c2b0d422522fd1d7e0840e.jpg
But practiced by making the thing in the background first. But still wasn’t sure I had the skills so made some of these.db9de66a84fd18ce533ade3b20d29b8a.jpg
Super easy once I decided on what wheel to use for the 60-62Rc CPM4V material. I chose the SG46 with 30% ceramic and a regular vitrified bond. But so easy. I mean look at those wide open tolerances of .0002 and .0005. A monkey could do it.
But then I only had like 5 minutes to spare on a carb body a friend of mine gave me FOR FREE.
Am I doing it right? Mad skills, yo. a090910d10e5181a3cf7efa1091e7b97.jpg

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17 minutes ago, hoppedupandcutdown said:

Seriously, you are  way over qualified to be working on these antiquated machines.

I'm Dennis on FB btw.


Thanks. The pictures above are from my job and the post was just a smart ass response to 375hp. LOL. I got the banshee because I have wanted one when I was a kid. It turned into an obsession the minute I rode it. But I have been wanting to start my own shop and make specialty parts for people just like the guys on this site who want parts that are hard to find, custom, mods, etc. 


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