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Banshee cylinder information thread


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On ‎6‎/‎5‎/‎2017 at 11:26 AM, Micha007 said:

That's true  and you have no space to fit a electrical fan.

I use a 40mm Fluidyne radiator and a electrical water pump.



one of these should fit I would think http://www.trailtech.net/digital-gauges/tto/digital-fankit/universal-fan-kit. good decision about the electric waterpump  :cheers:

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I would not put a fan infront the radiator or a fan period for higher speeds. Plus  when riding at fast speeds, a properly working cooling system with upgraded impeller and radiator should be fine. I upgraded everything i could and i know it takes long for my engine to warm up due to the added cooling. I would also take the guts out the stock fuel cap(make sure you dont have a fancy breather on the vent line as well), run billet bowls and a dual pingel just to be safe. Id also have a temp gauge that i can easily see the read out while riding.

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On 6/9/2017 at 0:56 PM, registered user said:

some states atv can be liscenced for street use. seems like i seen some in phoenix. ive seen them in other cities also

Yeah, my parents snow bird outside of Tuscon every winter, and say there are a ton of SXS out on the roads.  I heard awhile ago Washington was allowing quads and SXS to be driven in 35mph and less speed zones.

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Some days ago I place my order to Tony from TDR, and i think too, it's great to make business with him .


My order which list.

Mattoon Maschine billet case

T-Rex billet mono block cylinders with steel sleeve in 68mm bore - portet to mid range ( takes 3 weeks )

Crankworks  +4mm billet crankshaft 

10 platte billet clutch basket from Mattoon 

10 plate Barnett Kevlar clutch with heavy springs

CPI pipe and mufflers for in frame mount

TDR anti weld kit for the clutch 

Matton billet clutch case

Chariot 3 peace billet cover for the generator site 

Reeds and intake ready to fit to my 40mm billet Smartcarbs

Think, that's a pretty package 


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On 3/3/2019 at 11:55 AM, Guest Richard Dryden said:

Oddly the first big cylinders got skipped. Superior Sleeve.


If you'd like to share info on them, I'll add it. Most of the info I posted is from a lot of messeging people, builders and shops. Looking at a post on the hq fb group, looks like I need to add chubby cubbys

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On 3/22/2017 at 11:12 AM, RagunCajun said:

This post will be edited as more information is obtained and/or corrections are needed.



This is list of all banshee cylinders in production and obsolete(out of production). If you have anything to add, correct or share; post here or pm me.




CP industries Inc:

  • Cheetah Cub: Works with regular heads commonly found on stock bikes like Noss/pro design heads. Typically used for Drag/Dunes due to power coming on higher in rpm range. Uses stock reeds. Usually referred to as a Cub.
    • Bore – 64mm to 68mm
    • Stroke – 54mm to 68mm
    • CC – 347cc to 494cc
  • Serval Cub: Works with regular heads common on trail bikes like Noss/Pro Design heads. Typically used for trails, play bikes, dunes due to power coming on lower and smoother in the rpm range. Can be ported into drag cylinders since there is extra material. Uses stock reeds.
    • Bore – 68mm
    • Stroke – 54mm to 64mm
    • CC – 392cc to 465cc
  • Wampus Cub/Wampus Serval Cub: These are casted externally to be made to look like stock cylinders but they are still monoblock design. It's meant to be a more stealthy look. A knowledgeable person will not be fooled. Uses stock reeds. (The Wampus gets its name from the Cherokee Indian word meaning “Ghost Cat”).
    • Bore – 64.5mm to 68mm
    • Stroke – 54mm to 68mm
    • CC – 358cc to 494cc
  • Super Cub: Bigger bore version of Cheetah Cub. Requires a big bore head and case work. Uses stock reeds. Supers cubs have the option of larger flange exhaust. Large flange is 1.90” stock is like 1.77ish
    • Bore – 72mm
    • Stroke – 54mm to 68mm
    • CC – 440cc to 554cc
  • Super Serval: Bigger bore version of Serval Cub. Requires a big bore head and case work. Uses stock reeds. Supers servals have the option of larger flange exhaust. Large flange is 1.90” stock is like 1.77ish
    • Bore – 72mm
    • Stroke – 54mm to 68mm
    • CC – 440cc to 554cc
  • Super Wampus: Same concept as the Wampus Cub, but for the bigger bore Super Cub and Super Serval Cub. Large flange is 1.90” stock is like 1.77ish
    • Bore: 72mm
    • Stroke: 54mm to 68mm
    • CC: 440cc to 554cc
  • Cheetah:. The cylinders can have power valves. Optional power valves use exhaust pressure to open the the power valves. Typically used for Drag/Dunes. Uses Honda 250R reeds.
    • Bore: 65mm to 74.5mm
    • Stroke 54mm to ?
    • CC: 358cc to ?
  • Cheetah DM: Short for dominate male. Typically used for Drag racing. Usually referred to as a DM.
    • Bore: 72mm/78mm
    • Stroke: 58mm to 78mm
    • CC:  472cc to 611cc
  • Cheetah DMX: Usually used for drag racing/duning. Poor water jacket design. Tend to overheat unless on meth when duning. Usually referred to as a DMX.
    • Bore: 84mm – 85mm
    • Stroke:
  • Cougar:
    • Bore: 85mm
    • Stroke: 76mm
  • Sniper: Similar to the CP Industries Cougar. Exhaust Flange Varies. Will not accept OEM size Flange. Reed cage bolt pattern from a snow mobile.
    • Bore: 85mm ?
    • Stroke: 76mm ?
  • Scimitar:
    • Bore: 95mm
    • Stroke: 76mm
  • Caracal:
    • Bore: 98mm
    • Stroke: 76mm


"129mm spread Billet cases (AKA Schimitar cases) are only available with "BIG BEARINGS" (72mm). We offer them in strokes from +20mm to +30mm. These cases were originally deighned for the Ski Doo MXZ 800 cylinders however over time CP Industries has produced a cylinder for these cases called a Schimitar with a massive 95mm bore taking this engine to a hole nother level."


This chart applies to all Banshee cylinders(Not just CP Industries).



Bore and stroke are in mm. Engine Size is in cc.

Engine size (cc) = (Bore (mm)/20) * (Bore (mm)/20) * (Stroke (mm)/10) * pi * # of cylinders



  • Big Bore/392cc: Directly from Vito’s website: Stealth stock appearance sleeved and bore able -10 ports -- with triple exhaust -- up to 90hp at rear tire on race gas- cannot be used with stock heads unless they are custom machined for big bore or use big bore domes ordered separately
    • Bore: 68mm
    • Stroke: 54mm (stock) 


  • Big Bore/392cc: Nickel carbide coating. Needs a lot of work to run well and up to par with most people's expectations. Basically a worse version of Vito’s.
    • Bore: 68mm
    • Stroke: 54 (stock)  


China Ebay cylinder kits:

Can be found for around $165-$250 on ebay. Comes from probably china. You get what you pay for. You can’t expect much for a complete top end(cylinders, gaskets, pistons etc all for that price). Typically seen on the Bansheehq Facebook group from people who don’t listen and/or research. Do not buy this. Common vendor: Mr. Sum Ting Wong.






      Info directly from DASA's website: Don't be fooled by the imitators. Dasa is the home of the ORIGINAL Superjet Big Bore Powervalve Cylinder. Dan Lamey has been developing and producing these cylinders for over 15 years. Dasa (Dan Lamey) has a reputation of being the leader in watercraft development. Dasa has helped to create numerous champions such as Nicolas Ruis, Eric Malone, Chris MacClugage, Alessander Lenzi, Tara Lahoe, Jeff Jacobs, Lee Stone, and many more. Dasa Big Bore Powervalve Cylinders are the only cylinders trusted by Factory Yamaha Racing. If Factory Yamaha can trust Dasa to put them on the top of the podium, so can you!

  • Powervalve Cylinder
  • 85mm Pistons
  • Complete Power Valve Assembly
  • Billet Head & Domes
  • All Necessary Hardware, O-Rings, & Gaskets
  • Crankcase Modifications Required
  • Cylinder Porting Included
  • 12mm Stroker Requires Billet Crankcase



Driveline Performance:

  • Assassin: Stock appearing cylinder. Nikasil coated. Designed to be used with +4mm long rod stroker crankshaft with 115mm rods. This cylinder kit has higher port timings for riders who are wanting more mid to top end power. The port specs on these cylinders are 196 exhaust and 124 transfer durations. The exhaust port is much larger then a stock cylinder so peak H.P. will be much higher.
    • Bore: 68mm
    • Stroke: 54mm to 64mm
  • Assassin LP: Nikasil bore, triple exhaust ports, larger intake and transfer ports. This cylinder kit has lower port timings for riders who are wanting more mid and low range power bands. The port specs on these cylinders are 191 exhaust and 121.5 transfer durations. The exhaust port is much larger then a stock cylinder so peak H.P. will still be much higher even though the ports are lower durations.
    • Bore: 68mm
    • Stroke: 54mm to 64mm


ESR(Eddie Sanders Racing):

ESR basically sold pro x cylinders. This per ESR themselves when i emailed them for info.




  • Powervalved. Mono block design.
    • Bore –   ?
    • Stroke –    ?
    • CC –    ?


  • Small Block: These cylinders have triple ports and boost ports. Most would consider a dune port. They have plenty material to be tailored how you want. They have a much larger coolant capacity than competitors’ cylinders, and better coolant flow characteristics. They have changeable intake runners and exhaust flanges. You can run stock banshee reeds or YZ250 reeds, and small-bore or big-bore pipes. Equipped with power valves from a Ski-Doo Summit 800.  As of December 2011, there have been 4 generations of small block twisters since it was released. They no longer make small block twister cylinders with power valves.
    • Bore:  68mm to 78mm 
    • Stroke: 54mm to 64mm
  • Big Block: Use cr125 reed blocks.
    • Bore:  ? 
    • Stroke: ?
  • Trex: No info found
    • Bore:  ? 
    • Stroke: ? 


Stock Cylinders

  • Made by Yamaha that come with the banshee
    • Bore:  64mm
    • Stroke: 54mm

General Info




  • Twins
    • Stock – 102mm
    • Cougar – 120mm
    • Schimitar – 129mm
    • Caracal – 150mm
  • Triple
    • 102mm spread
    • 120mm spread
    • 150mm spread
  • Quad
    • 120mm spread 

Stroker crank limit of stock cases are 10mil with no expoy. Larger can be done with expoy. For larger than 10mil granks, people usually use Mattoon billet cases.

  • Available crank sizes
    • Stock – 54mm
    • 4mil – 58mm
    • 5mil – 59mm
    • 7mil – 61mm
    • 10mil – 64mm
    • 14mil – 68mm
    • 16mil – 70mm
    • 18mil – 72mm
    • 20mil – 74mm
  • Rod lengths
    • Stock -110mm115mm
    • 120mm
    • 125mm
    • 130mm
    • 132mm
    • 137.5mm
  • Bearing OD
    • Stock – 62mm
    • Big – 72mm

last edit 3-23-17  8:25am

You have forgot about the LA sleeve Pro cross Niks409 Big Bore kit I have one they have CR250 reads they can be accommodated with power valves however the version I have does not have them they have steel sleeves triple port boysen port and removable exhaust manifolds so you can choose your flange size and interchange it not sure the durations on the transfers and exhaust but they claim bott on 50 horsepower but says depending on hardware used in mechanic that upwards of 75 horsepower can be made which is enough absolute laughable joke because a cub top end probably with stock pipes stock carburetors with more than likely make more power than that but I'm sure it can be massaged to easily put out low 80s mid 80s which is respectable anybody knows where there's parts for these kits message me it's the niks409 la sleeve big bore kit

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