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Perplexing tranmission issue!

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Hi guys. First and foremost i dont usually like posting threads when i have issues. I prefer to search and search till i figure it out but I cant for the life of me find anyone who has had a similar experience as the one im having now. Im sure I might catch some heat for it since im sure i made it worse but here goes.


OK well i had just picked up a little project shee for cheap. I checked fluids and everything seemed good. The previous owner said it needed a new headgasket. I didnt ask why he felt it did. I didnt bother to do  a compression test either since they are like 12 bucks. I took off the head and replaced it. The old one looked fine but i had already bought the new one so i put it on. Rode it and no issues. Fast forward to a recent weekend. I rode the shee all day saturday. No issues. I go out with a buddy of mine on sunday. We ride out pretty far. I lose him so i stop to wait for him. He catches up so I start the shee and immediately hear a loud squeal like something caught in the hub. I turn it off and roll the bike. No sound. I start it again and the noise is back. I get worried cuz we are a ways away from our trucks. I start it again and give it gas to see if it goes away. I ride it about 4 feet and it starts feeling sluggish so i get on the gas and it just gets worse and dies a few feet farther. At that point the tranny is like stuck. It wont roll even in what feels like neutral unless the clutch is pulled in and even then it still catches a good bit. In gear it wont roll at all even with the clutch pulled in.


I figured out what the squealing noise was. The water pump impeller seal went bad and the impeller started rubbing on the case and the impeller gear broke. I replaced the entire water pump assembly and the noise is gone. While i had the cover off i looked for any other signs of damage or something but didnt see anything out of the ordinary. Maybe i just didnt know what to look for. It runs fine but I cant get it to take off. It will start in neutral with the clutch pulled in and ill drop it to what feels like 1st and i cant get it to take off.  No matter how easy I am off the clutch and no matter how much gas i give it. Any ideas. I would like to figure out what is wrong with it before i go all willy nilly, rip it apart and just start throwing parts and money at it. Its a budget project plus im a broke college student so im trying to conserve funds.


Any ideas from people who might have experienced something similar would be great! And if you feel like giving me shit for giving it gas and making it worse go ahead Im sure i deserve it


Thanks again for any info that might help me out

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what do you mean ?  

will it start in gear, with the clutch ? and stall when you release clutch ?

or will start in neutral but when clutch is in and you put it in gear it dies ? does it lunge forward and die ? or just stop dead ?


id pull the clutch cover off and have a check out. if all looks fine and is in spec. turn the engine upside down and remove the bottom case. check out the trans. 

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It will start in gear and in neutral. It dies when i begin releasing the clutch. Almost like i was trying to take off in 6th.


I cant push it in gear, even with the clutch pulled in. I can push it in neutral but its hard and pulling in the clutch makes it easier.


I dont think i welded the ball because clutch is still hard to pull and it runs with the clutch in but dies as i let it out.

Usually when the ball welds the clutch acts like its out all the time, regardless of lever position, doesnt it?

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Yea it only broke in half. I initially thought the same thing but i peiced the two pieces of the old plastic gear together to see if i was missing like a sliver of plastic or something but its all there. Thats what is so dang perplexing about this ordeal. Ive been racking my brain for solutions for weeks to think of possible reasons but havent been able to come up with any. Searching hasnt yielded any info either 

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Did you look at the kick idler gear to see if the snap ring and washer was still there when you had the clutch cover off? Also, you could have friction welded a gear to a transmission shaft which will require splitting the cases.

That's what I did. I never knew I could weld a gear in place. Basically had 3 damn near perfect tack welds.

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I have a strong suspicion that it is indeed a welded gear. The kicker idler gear had the snap ring and washer in place if i recall correctly. Ill try to strip it down on tuesday since i am off from work.


One question regarding splitting the cases. If i remove the motor and flip upside down it like mentioned above, apart from the clutch cover, what all do i need to remove before i can separate the bottom case from the motor?


Because the less i have to take off the less bolts and stuff I can possibly lose lol.

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Just yank it apart and see whats up... It would take you a couple hours to tear it all down if you have the right tools. Im pretty sure loco did a tear-down in about 3 or 4 hrs.


Shoot, I can tear a whole motor apart in about 30 minutes. Nothing to these things.


When Spurdy broke his trans at my house we had the motor out of the frame in 9 minutes and the whole thing tore down in less than 20. We had a few hands on it though.

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