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Found 8 results

  1. I have opened up the bottom end and put my shift shaft, drum, star and gears back in. The adjustment on the eccentric screw seems good, note that when I change gears, the adjustment gets a bit worse in some gears. What happens is when I spin the shafts and shift gears, every now and then, the gears get stuck. This means that I can’t spin the shafts anymore, but when I remove and put the shafts back in, it works. It looks like the dogs aren’t going into the gaps fully. I have rebuild these gears, replaced the 3rd gear and the 6th gear pinion IMG_0310.MOV
  2. Recently picked up a banshee that wouldn’t run and I I got it going but it’s will only shift into first and second and neutral is kinda weird ... just hoping I do t have to split the case lll
  3. I bought a banshee that I'm rebuilding and I noticed that the pin for sixth gear has been shaved/ground off of the shift star. Other than that it appears to be a completely stock shift star(its steel not billet and the lobes aren't rounded off). For some reason I didn't notice the shift star until now, so the cases are already together. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with the shift drum and gears, but I didn't think to compare them to an OEM. From what I've found so far most override tranny mods have the channels in the drum machined wider in certain spots, and there wasn't any of that on my drum. I am able to turn the star with pliers and put in sixth, so that makes me think that its a stock drum, but I don't have any experience with tranny mods so I could be wrong. I'm wondering if it would be possible to weld a pin or drill and tap a hole or something to add the sixth gear pin back onto the star, or if it would be better to just buy a new one.
  4. I bought a banshee late last summer and 3 weeks of owning I had to replace the eccentric bolt in the shift mechanism. got it all put back together and took it for a test run for about 30-45 minutes. I grabbed the clutch as I was coasted into my driveway. opened up the garage door and banshee decided she wasn't movin anymore. I can shift through the gears but no movement what so ever the bike just revs. I triple checked that i had everthing set right with the clutch and shift mechanism and im pretty confident its right. any suggestions?
  5. So one day i was riding and my banshee just kept shifting into neutral all the time. Like right after I put it in 1st she'll jump back in N before I could even pull off. So the next day i went riding again, then its like it got stuck in a high gear because every time i go to take off it boggs down. Then i notice it wouldn't shift down. So i take it aparr and the stopper lever is just laying there. Put it back on but when i try to shift up or down, the star wont spin all the way to the next gear. Does this mean transmission is bad?
  6. Hello, i am new with this, i put a new transmission override 1-5 and i had problems. After finish the motor, i kick the banshee and start correctly. I started to throttle it in neutral, and inmediatly a shift enter alone and the atv start to go fast and i could stop it with the kill switch. When the motor is off the transmission Was in neutral again. I could not dissambly the banshee because or the time. But maybe you could told me some ideas about this problem. Thanks
  7. Been reading this form for the past month or so. I live way out in South Africa and recently (just short of a year ago) got myself a Banshee. The Bike is reasonably standard, FMF Pipes, silences, Wheel spacers etc. Just the basics. I am hoping someone here will be able to help me with some technical info. Let me give you the basic run down of what happened: I was riding in the dunes and the bike got stuck in 2nd and 3rd, I could not select any of the other gears. I was on my way back to the car when I could suddenly select 4th, and all the other gears for that matter. So I kept riding, but every now and again the bike jumped from what I think was 4th or somewhere thereabouts into neutral. Perhaps I was being a bit oversensitive but I’m convinced I could hear a high pitched whining noise from the box. I was so befuck when I got home I left it for a few weeks in my garage and did nothing. The weekend past I started working on the bike, pulled the covers off to have a look what going on inside. When I removed the clutch cover I found a small twisted piece of metal laying in the bottom, doesn’t look much like a bearing that has failed or anything serious but I don’t know. My concern at the moment if I’m looking at the gearbox from the clutch side, to my right is the crank shaft. In the centre is what I would call the input shaft and to the left is the output shaft. With a gear selected and I turn the “input shaft” I can turn it ¾ turn before the “output shaft” starts to turn. That appears to be a bit excessive with regard to free-play. The casing is not split and I’m hoping to not have to pull the motor, but at this point it looks like I’m going to have to. Is that amount of free-play normal? The previous owner of the bike (who happens to be my boss) loaned to bike out and it then also got stuck in 2nd gear and the rider jumped on the gear leaver to get it into 1st this obviously did not work and apparently in the process managed to break something on the side cover and burn out the clutch. This was all repaired by a bike shop, shortly after he got the bike back I bought it. We ride almost every Saturday and ride hard! (who doesn’t ride a Shee hard) We do allot of tight turns with hard accelerating, so the bike spends almost all of its time in 1st and 2nd. I had been riding for about 4 months and the bike started jumping out of 2nd into neutral, I decided to change the gear oil and did a bit of research on the net and the general recommendation was ATF. Having loads of it at home I decided to use it. The first ride with ATF was awesome! no more jumping out of gear, smooth gear changes. For the first 2 hours or so. Knowing the oil would need to be changed more frequently I figured perhaps the ATF was contaminated with the old oil that came out (which was EPX90) and I changed it again. Which I did and my next ride the same thing happened, jumping out of second about 2 hours in. Drained out the ATF and it was all discoloured as if the oil had broken down, I knew it would need to be changed more regularly but this is a bit excessive. I kept changing the oil before every ride until my stash of ATF ran out. Then back to my dear fried Mr Google, and did allot more research about gearbox oils. I found out the original oil is a 75W-90 grade, and we use Castrol Syntrax 75W-90 at work. I decided to take a chance and use it, worst case it would bugger up my clutch plates. The bike drove fine with the 75W-90 for months! Until the above happened. Apologies for the long post, but wanted to give ALL the details giving you as much info as possible. My main concern is I want to know how much free-play is acceptable in the gearbox. Many, many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys. First and foremost i dont usually like posting threads when i have issues. I prefer to search and search till i figure it out but I cant for the life of me find anyone who has had a similar experience as the one im having now. Im sure I might catch some heat for it since im sure i made it worse but here goes. OK well i had just picked up a little project shee for cheap. I checked fluids and everything seemed good. The previous owner said it needed a new headgasket. I didnt ask why he felt it did. I didnt bother to do a compression test either since they are like 12 bucks. I took off the head and replaced it. The old one looked fine but i had already bought the new one so i put it on. Rode it and no issues. Fast forward to a recent weekend. I rode the shee all day saturday. No issues. I go out with a buddy of mine on sunday. We ride out pretty far. I lose him so i stop to wait for him. He catches up so I start the shee and immediately hear a loud squeal like something caught in the hub. I turn it off and roll the bike. No sound. I start it again and the noise is back. I get worried cuz we are a ways away from our trucks. I start it again and give it gas to see if it goes away. I ride it about 4 feet and it starts feeling sluggish so i get on the gas and it just gets worse and dies a few feet farther. At that point the tranny is like stuck. It wont roll even in what feels like neutral unless the clutch is pulled in and even then it still catches a good bit. In gear it wont roll at all even with the clutch pulled in. I figured out what the squealing noise was. The water pump impeller seal went bad and the impeller started rubbing on the case and the impeller gear broke. I replaced the entire water pump assembly and the noise is gone. While i had the cover off i looked for any other signs of damage or something but didnt see anything out of the ordinary. Maybe i just didnt know what to look for. It runs fine but I cant get it to take off. It will start in neutral with the clutch pulled in and ill drop it to what feels like 1st and i cant get it to take off. No matter how easy I am off the clutch and no matter how much gas i give it. Any ideas. I would like to figure out what is wrong with it before i go all willy nilly, rip it apart and just start throwing parts and money at it. Its a budget project plus im a broke college student so im trying to conserve funds. Any ideas from people who might have experienced something similar would be great! And if you feel like giving me shit for giving it gas and making it worse go ahead Im sure i deserve it Thanks again for any info that might help me out
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