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  1. i got some buds i found in the fridge in the basement from a few years back sound good?
  2. I drove all they way to smnv once. doubt ill ever do it again
  3. Just like the ford Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  4. from the pics its way more organized then the bike boneyard here. Suck when pickles was there i bought a few things from them and all was good.
  5. Feel ya there everyone got fancy new ones with plush ride and twice the towing capacity then theirs me loud, bouncy motherfucker rocking my tape deck. Can't bring myself to pay for a truck that cost as much as my house.
  6. ill stick with my 7.3 until the frame rust out. or someone offers me to much money for it.
  7. Prolly true. But here in Utah all the best places to ride are BLM land. And they pretty much leave everything alone, and open to riding. Most state owned stuff gates start going in. or they sell to developers
  8. Done and shared on a few other pages. here in utah the state keeps trying to take Little sahara from blm. some say it would be better some would say it would be worse luckily nothing has changed yet...
  9. where ya coming from to go there? also you use where the cases come together for your base mark. +4 is a good starting point.
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