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Found 17 results

  1. Selling my trinity 420 long rod banshee title in hand extended swing arm alky carbs lockout clutch 17cc domes cut frame Twist throttle several tires custom airbrush drag pipes lightened flywheel timing plate any interest best to contact me via text or phone call 8am-8pm 567-two zero four -2658
  2. So went to do what I thought was an easy repair on my chain sprocket as it had come off the drive shaft. Went to top up some fluids, gearbox was low, topped up discovered a leak on the gasket, fair enough took off the cover and now the trouble starts. Inside the clutch housing there were pieces of the plastic gear that drives my Impeller (I can fix this) but also what appeared to be shards of tiny springs. The springs are about 1/10th the size of the ones holding the clutch plates and really delicate looking so seem strange to me to be in the gearbox. Any ideas where they have come? or anyone know of any other springs in the gearbox asdie from the clutch ones which were all fine, trying to decide where/how far I need to go ripping. I think could be major gearbox fail as this would indicate what broke the water impeller and driveshaft sprocket at same time, there was no bang but it stopped at high speed, just coasted to a stop like the chain snapped but saw it was the sprocket, any help be much appreciated, first time poster long term lurker.
  3. Hey guys, anyone out there have a stock clutch basket their trying to sell?
  4. need help figuring out exactly were the rollerball bearing goes near the pushrod
  5. I bought a banshee late last summer and 3 weeks of owning I had to replace the eccentric bolt in the shift mechanism. got it all put back together and took it for a test run for about 30-45 minutes. I grabbed the clutch as I was coasted into my driveway. opened up the garage door and banshee decided she wasn't movin anymore. I can shift through the gears but no movement what so ever the bike just revs. I triple checked that i had everthing set right with the clutch and shift mechanism and im pretty confident its right. any suggestions?
  6. do you have to drain any fluids to get at the clutch? how do you get at it?
  7. I just wanted to share some pics of my custom CNC'd billet aluminum stiff ring that I made for my new Direct Drive lockout clutch. And some full body shots... Look at that ass though Get'n nasty with it
  8. Riding my 2003 Banshee this morning and all of a sudden in about 5th gear the clutch lever became super hard and Couldnt squeeze it and shift. I shifted without the clutch down into nuetral and saw that the push lever had shot up and bent the bracket that holds it down (rests above it) out of the way. Now I can shift through all the gears even when the banshee is running and it doesnt move ( assuming thats because the push lever was out). But why did it do that? the clutch was kind of hard to pull already anyway, and its supposed to have a high compression or performance clutch. When i had the handel fully squeezed to the grip i could get it into nuetral, but there was never much play before it wanted to take off on me as soon as i started to let off lever even a little. ANy help would be appreicated thanks.
  9. I just bought an 01 Banshee bored .40 over and I love it! Except today I was riding and my clutch acted like the cable broke. I checked the cable and it was fine other than a loose strand or two. I started the bike and revved it up and my clutch magicaly started working again. So I have come to this conclusion. When the bike is at high rpms the clutch works perfect. Once the rpms drop I lose the clutch. It's Not the basket as the guy had just put a new basket and plates in it. I have no clue what the problem is help me?!
  10. I need the part number for the frictions that swap out with the stock ones that are way better. My last ones lasted 10+ years. Cant remember the bike they come out of or the part number. Either would help. Thanks.
  11. 1994 Banshee: I recently replaced my oil in my crankcase and radiator fluid when I pulled out the clutches. The bike seems like the gears are engaging not sure if when I cleaned the clutch and put them back together if the rod you tight in is to tight and has the clutch constantly engaged or something else. Little help here thanks.
  12. Hello, i am new with this, i put a new transmission override 1-5 and i had problems. After finish the motor, i kick the banshee and start correctly. I started to throttle it in neutral, and inmediatly a shift enter alone and the atv start to go fast and i could stop it with the kill switch. When the motor is off the transmission Was in neutral again. I could not dissambly the banshee because or the time. But maybe you could told me some ideas about this problem. Thanks
  13. hey guys , might seem new to the forums but actually ben dealing alot through some one else and decided to finally make my own bhq account , clearing some stuff out to make room for more any questions or more pix feel free to pm and i will do it as prompt as possible , located in soouthern california Brand new never used or mounted: 14 pdl xtremes 10x9 dwt wheels 73/74 rollout 500.00 shipped 10 pdl xtremes 22/11/8 72 rollout 420.0 shipped 12 pdl haullers 22/11/8 72 rollout 420.0 shipped lightly used all hold air no rips or tears 11 pdl xtreme on dwt wheels spray painted black 79 roll out 420.00 shipped 8 pdl hauller staggered 78 roll out 24/11/10 on dwt wheels 380.00 shipped sand skates and sand stars on rims 220.00 shipped 10x2 spindle mounts with 18 smooth buffs 410.00 shipped nickle sb sf oof shearers out the left have 2 slight 450.00 shipped mattoon 10 plate setup includes: basket lock up cover lock up clutch plates hub pressure plate springs
  14. clutch is slipping pretty bad right there now so i ordered a new one but i was just wondering what kind of fluid you guys would recommend to run? thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm a newbie here but I'm looking for some help. I'll start at the beginning. I took my shee out about 4 days ago to take a rip down the street, and it seemed to not run right 1-4, but fine 5-6. It seemed like it was shifting kinda hard, and it wasn't pulling as much as I'm used to. It barely even picked up the fronts. I didnt think much of it, but then i noticed that when i was in a gear, mostly 1st, even when i had my clutch pulled in, it wanted to move. I figured i would look at it later, I had other things to do, and yesterday i tried again. This time, it still shifted slightly hard, but now the clutch wont even disengage. If I'm in first, with the clutch pulled in, it moves like it normally does in 1st. the only way to stop it is to use brakes to stall it. I changed to oil to a penzoil platinum 5w-30, and i didnt get a chance to try the clutch again cause it rained pretty hard today. Any help is appreciated for assistance. If you need any more details just ask I can answer them. PS: It is not the clutch cable. No matter how much i adjust it, it still does the same thing. My only guess is that the pancake bearing that i put in during the rebuild (about 1 hour of run time on the rebuilt engine) is acting up and maybe it came loose somehow. When i drained the old oil, i found almost microscopic pieces of aluminum in the old oil, but i figure it was from the milling that i did on my cases and the pieces were chips that i missed with the vacuum.
  16. When I pull in the clutch and shift into first to take off, it shifts fine but it kinda grabs and jerks the quad a bit. What's happening??
  17. Stock Polished clutch cover. No water pump. 60 shippped. Direct Drive Lock up Clutch cover with green lens. No water pump. 150 shipped. Satin black stock cover with Mattoon lock up housings. Clear Lens. No water pump. 125 shipped. Are covers are in good condition. The Polished covers could use a little bit of mothers to brighten them up. Will add water pump kit for 30.00.
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