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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys and gals, just wondering what your preferences are in regards to pre-mix. Personally we used torco or benol for years but after seeing my friends who had been together since purchasing and never blew up we had to switch. Now we run OPTI-2, it's "smokeless" but more importantly its economical 1 gallon makes apparently 110 gallons. Long story short engines exploded on torco, benol smelled the nicest but plugged easily, opti so far has been great just don't grab the injector fluid as the labelling is shotty at best and you'll end up starving your engine of lubricants. Sorry if this has already been posted but the latest post i saw was like 6 months old and didn't want to bump an old thread
  2. I just had purchased a banshee recently. The right side pipe smokes a BIT more than the left (yes it is a noticeable amount, no its nothing crazy. it also has no smell). It leaves the right silencer wet and it also spits oil were the expansion chamber and silencer pipe meet. It smokes more at idle when cold but not so much when it warms up...It spits oil regardless of temp. The right side pipe does not warm up near as fast as the left. The left side seems to "ping" alot harder than the right as well. Right side plug was wet/black when checked. I know no one here can tell me just based off this what is going on.... but im looking for educated guesses and points in the right direction.... Just praying its not a crank seal on the right side......
  3. Ok new here and new to two-strokes don't know what's all done to the motor but it's not stock was built by some guy supposedly professional guy in North Dakota. What would be the safe yet powerful fuel mix and what oil?
  4. hello i just bought a banshee tonight and im new to everything. i wanted to do a complete fluid change on the entire quad and i mean every fluid. if somebody could please fill me in on all the types of fluids on the quad, and what brands and types are the best to use. i also wanted to know which mixing ratio was the best to use for my gas, and which 2 stroke oil is best to mix with my gas.
  5. Hey guys , just wanted to get your opinions on what kind of fuel (like what gas station and fuel grade I should use) and oil I should use in my banshee? I live on the oregon coast so I will be doing only dune an beach riding. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Banshee is all stock, just full fmf fatty exhaust and kn filter without lid for engine mods.
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie here but I'm looking for some help. I'll start at the beginning. I took my shee out about 4 days ago to take a rip down the street, and it seemed to not run right 1-4, but fine 5-6. It seemed like it was shifting kinda hard, and it wasn't pulling as much as I'm used to. It barely even picked up the fronts. I didnt think much of it, but then i noticed that when i was in a gear, mostly 1st, even when i had my clutch pulled in, it wanted to move. I figured i would look at it later, I had other things to do, and yesterday i tried again. This time, it still shifted slightly hard, but now the clutch wont even disengage. If I'm in first, with the clutch pulled in, it moves like it normally does in 1st. the only way to stop it is to use brakes to stall it. I changed to oil to a penzoil platinum 5w-30, and i didnt get a chance to try the clutch again cause it rained pretty hard today. Any help is appreciated for assistance. If you need any more details just ask I can answer them. PS: It is not the clutch cable. No matter how much i adjust it, it still does the same thing. My only guess is that the pancake bearing that i put in during the rebuild (about 1 hour of run time on the rebuilt engine) is acting up and maybe it came loose somehow. When i drained the old oil, i found almost microscopic pieces of aluminum in the old oil, but i figure it was from the milling that i did on my cases and the pieces were chips that i missed with the vacuum.
  7. amsoil interceptor 2stroke oil. Any good? And how much should I mix??
  8. Hi forum!! I'm new to the forum but been around shee's in the past. I just picked up an 04 shee and right off the bat started doing mods to it. I bought it bone stock except for Toomy pipes and aftermarket stator I'm assuming for the battery and hid lights. So here is what I have done to it in the last 3 weeks: Shaved head Wiseco 65.5 rebuild Billet Timing Plate +/- 4 board carbs Lightened Flywheel V-force Reeds 4 TORS Eliminate kit I still have the reeds, carbs and pipes to put on but after that im ready to roll. So b4 I put on the carbs what jets size jets should I use? Im at 1600ft. Also with what I have done, what would be the best fuel and oil and ratio should I run? Thanks for any input!!
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