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  1. Iso 10mil crank
  2. Iso 4mil or 7mil cub cylinders
  3. It's the right cylinder thats giving me the problem. Its firing but not burning the fuel. Changed all electrical with no luck. Changed carbs around. No luck. Changed reeds. No luck.Raw fuel is coming out of the pipe on that cylinder
  4. Only one side. Left side isnt sparking
  5. Changed caps and plugs. Compression was good on both sides
  6. My bike is only firingbon one cylinder. Changed stator, cdi and coil and still no change. Any info given will be greatly appreciated
  7. 44's are the right way to go. I have the same motor and it loves em
  8. Got a 7mil super cub motor pipes and carbs for sale
  9. A fuckin billet thumb throttle
  10. What size are u looking for
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