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  1. If you have to send them out to be rebuilt/revalved im pretty sure its not going to be free. Call Elka directly to be sure
  2. Yes you should be fine as long as the shocks are for standard shock location. When you get them test them out and see how they feel with your current weight
  3. Whats the specs on the motor and mods ? Are you willing to have it shipped ?
  4. Great looking bike. Do Not cut the fenders keep the full look.
  5. Looking for a running topend with cylinders and pistons, I prefer something 65mm or under. Ported cylinders would be nice, but not required. Please let me know what you have available. Thanks
  6. Bike looks good bro, I was looking at those arms also. Report back in once you test them out
  7. Purchased some pioes from him, they arrived packed well and quick. Great communication and will definitely do business with him again.
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