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  1. Good morning ppl. So I have a question about the gearing on a banshee. I have a 421 and I’m looking for help on getting the sprocket size for the front and rear sprocket. I’m not sure on what paddles I’m going to go with. I’m shooting for a dune bike, but want to have fun at the drags at too. Any help would be Appreciated thank u..
  2. A oem stator is what we bought. Let’s hope that’s the problem
  3. Ya, it got tested and it’s bad. Would that make the bike run like crap?
  4. It takes off in first fine every gear after that it bogs out. We just found out the Stator is bad. The guy who did some of the build says that could be the problem.
  5. I’m coming out with a 421, The engine is done. I got a dune port on it. I’m trying to figure out what carbs and size to go with. I want to have fun at the drags, but dune it too. I had some Vito’s 35 mm on it before the build, but I’m might put the Vito’s on a other shee I got. Ant info would be helpful. Thnx!
  6. From what he tells me the bike has 64.5 pistons, 19cc domes,35mm carbs that were milled to 38mm 155main,55 pilot eek needle and a hot rod stock sized crank
  7. So my buddy bought a j arm banshee that came with some Vito’s pipes. He can’t get the bike to run just right, it keeps boging out. Since he bought the bike he got a dune/ drag port job and the timing done to +6. The guying doing the work says the bike runs like crap because of the pipes. What do u guys think of these pipes and could the guy be right? Thanks for any info
  8. I appreciate the info! Some guy was telling me to go with a +10. That guy was tripping!
  9. Nice, I was looking into a 4-6”.
  10. Hey there, so I’m looking into buying a swing arm in the next few weeks. I’m building a 04 banshee with a 4 mill 421. I’m looking to making the 4mill into a dune bike, but I want to still have fun at the drags. What would u guys recommend?
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