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  1. Good point Cam. I missed the part on the throttle cable. I had Packard send me a lectron cable to go wit my aftermarket Chariot Throttle. Nice cable, rebuildable, and I know the slides will close and open all the way. cajun, I'm not speaking for Wheelman or his time. However, my carbs and cable are at his house. If the two of you work it out, you're welcome to borrow it to see if it fixes your problem before you drop the coin on one. Again...borrow. LOL. Shipping, etc., is all on your two to figure out.
  2. i"m calling you out... Beer for beer bitch...it's on. LOL
  3. This topic is beat to death...go figure. Todd...my 10 cub ran very well on BB OOF pipes. I ran 165 to 175PSI compression, and timing from 8 to 12 degrees with 20cc domes. Would it have run better with small bore with less compression and less timing as Windy said? Never know... What I do know is after the quality control issues I had 3 years in a row, I wasn't about to drop my hard earned coin on another set to find out. J-Madd... You were at Planet Sand in 08 and raced against my old motor when Frank jockey'd it. Can you confirm please it was in a stock lightened chassis and not a rigid frame that was previously reported (I had to laugh at that one...) I guess the pictures that were posted at that time were forgeries....
  4. Which fuel pump are you using? Volume and pressure are two different things. Volume is how much it can flow, pressure is how hard it pushes the fuel into the bowl. Either vacuum style pump I've used (black 5 sided 65L per hour pump or a round, 35L pump) was the same pressure. You can Carefully...note, carefully, bend the pins just a hair outwards. You can sand just a bit off the float are tang as well. Gotta be honest, you're better off going right to Packard.
  5. Damn... Track Nazis. LOL. Between the stock frame and having to run silencers...wow. Thanks B...was just curious.
  6. Bryan, any reason you're running silencers instead of open stinger tubes?
  7. Yeah, our drinking family has a racing problem too. I would've guessed low 4.0 to 4.10 first run, breaking 3.9's to 3.8s second...then setting it off with a 3.7ish by the end of the day. I remember racing with Fouledout at an old favorite, but closed track where I just could not get it going. Could not figure out for the life of me wtf was wrong. Then it clicked. Dave...dumb ass....launch in 2nd, not first. Don't know what the F I was thinking. Shit happens, you'll get it ironed out.
  8. ^^^gumbyreacharoundrecipient^^^
  9. My turn...with respects to Loco and John. I actually had a nice...what, hour or so conversation on the phone with John a month or so ago. I found some of it enlightening, and I found some of it disappointing. (The disappointing part was information he thought to be true, via word of mouth, about my old setup that was not even close to the truth.) I see John and Loco's point. The average guy wants to go fast and win. And Loco's done that. At the end of the day in racing, you race who shows up. Whether that's on the side of a hill, on 300ft of sand or 1/8 mile. Doesn't matter if 3 people show up or 1,000 show up. You race to beat them. I've been guilty of saying..."Yeah, but bring that bike/rider to a bigger stage and see how it stacks up". Ok...fine. Bottom line is you run what you brung, and race who shows up. To John's point. Shearer's pretty smart guy. He can obviously build a great motor and a great performing pipe. Despite my personal QC issues with him, I've always said he builds a fine performing pipe. I also know those "people" that think they act as his mouth piece tend to be full of shit. (Not directed at you John, you know what I"m talking about...) I'll be the first to tell you I'm lazy when it comes to tuning. I'll tune my bike to 90% of it's capability, and put pass after pass down. I'll leave that 10% to those that have jockeys and never ride and are actually the pit crew for a bike. Not that there's anything wrong with that...I just like to ride. And at 250, I'm not setting records unless it's beers consumed or a race to the chow line. LOL. If you took a setup to a dyno or track, and a pipe change made one or two tenths difference or 5, 6, 7 HP more...not many people are going to ask why John. You know as well as I do, we live in a quick, I want it fast and I want it now world. Some people don't have a dyno at their disposal, some drive hours just to make a few passes. So that being said, I certainly see their point. I'm in the middle, I like to know why, but I prefer my time slip results to anything else. I agree with John, if you want to know which to buy, ask your builder. And if you ask Why, they may say it's what I have the best results with. The builder might say because of I run compression ratio X, timing Y, porting Z and it works best. I talked to Shearer years ago and heard the same thing. Big Bore for 535 or bigger. He also said unless he knew your exact motor or built in, stamped pipes were a better option than hand coned, which...as soon as some people see hand coned pipes for sale...first thing they do is ooh and aahhh.. Most people don't want to buy two sets of pipes to try and see which works best. So they work on other things like gearing, tires, pressure, carbs, clutch, etc. I get it. Buying another set of pipes is a big chunk to swallow. Compared to jets, air and gearing, which are very inexpensive or free. I see both sides, neither is 100% right or wrong. (Admit it, you guys knew I was writing a bible sooner or later too...lol)
  10. Absolutely joking on the 4.20. No reason you shouldn't be able to shave about a half second off that... This was just a new setup with no real seat time. Shit happens and I know you'll figure it out. But what do I win? Lol Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  11. You Fucking innovator you!! Nice JD...so the next question, of course...how long before you laser etch something pretty into those??
  12. Just a little more to add...since I experienced this personally. Use the same, methanol compatible oil with your purge fuel too... I used to use R50 and gas for my pit bike @ 20:1 (Weed eater, etc., anything 2 stroke at my house) and obviously methanol and Benoil for my bike. I purged with the R50 and gas...and didn't think anything of it. Later in the week when I took my carbs apart, gummed up city. Never made that mistake again. You don't need to mix much R50 with alky to get it to gum up....
  13. Considering the source...funniest shit I've read all day.
  14. It's a great site, but do you want us to lie to you and say you have a chance or that you're going to be eating shit all day and be truthful. Equal rider weight, you'd still lose. Period. But given you weigh nearly twice as much, he could probably race uphill and beat you going down hill. (I'm 260lbs, so no being a dick, just being honest) You have a piped bike...with carbs and 22cc domes. First off, you don't need any kind of race fuel for that motor. Second, you have a LONG way to go to compete. Porting, clutch work, gearing, tires, compression, timing.... Get out your wallet or pack a toothbrush as said. You'll be hard pressed to find a bolt on only banshee beat a new, modern 450 like the one you speak of. Throw in 150 lbs of weight difference, you might as well try to resurrect the Titanic. That's why the guys are giving you gruff. Are you still gonna be "Shee4life" ??
  15. I got very little doubt you'll be running impressive numbers wtih this very soon. It's pretty safe to say you ran your 443 cub on pavement for a long while before coming over to the dark side. This is a completely new motor and chassis combo for you. Your "freshman" passes will be just that...getting to know you... I say "clean" passes becuase you know was well as I do...it could burp, buck or snort off the line, could shoot you sideways to the rail...anything can happen. I meant clean by clean track, good launch and hitting all the gears. No having to lift, no bog off the line, etc.... Very interested to see what you learn and how it runs once you make adjstments from what you know about the smaller bike, to what you're learning about on this bigger motor setup. Good luck, rubber side down!!
  16. For Gumby Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  17. You're not running world class equipment, professionally built and tuned motors like he is Shayne. You can't compare what we do to Gumby motorsports. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  18. 4.20. Sorry...had too. First three CLEAN FULL PASSES? Cause you know you gotta specify...lol I say 3.84 average.and I'd be happy with that first time in a newer motor and new chassis on a paddle track. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  19. What would an ignition only race stator run? Many fellow racers are tired of gambling on used OEM or getting raped for new OEM. We will never run lights and simplicity is key. You may have just built the better mouse trap.... Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  20. What...you couldn't ride it like that? you must be old... Nasty Bryan...could've been a lot worse on your part. Is that a little heat tape I see?
  21. Damn... Can't build one this cheap. GLWS... Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  22. I saw the topic and thought LittleSteven was going to offer his expertise on pipe cleaning...then I read the thread....
  23. That's nuts... But rules are rules, I understand.
  24. It works fairly well & they are built like tanks, but it's still lighter than our stock frame. 18DM? it's a 10DMX, or did I miss something? Well F me and call me Susan. I swore i read 18DMX somewheres... You running a 1.1 anything on sand/paddle tracks with an 10DMX is even more impressive. I thought I read that somewhere...not sure though so don't quote me if you didn't/haven't yet.
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