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  1. Copper washer, grind the outside edge down to fit. Throw some high temp RTV... 5PSI for that long and it should be fine. Leaking around a base gasket or the head, I'd redo it.
  2. That is not how our conversation took place when it came to fact finding John. That maybe how you remember it...but I can assure you it is not. You were 100% stuck on my motor blew up simply and only because I put snipers on it. And you also said others predicted it and have had the same things happen to them. Your words, not mine. Phones were ringing as soon as I made that pass... again, your words, not mine. You clearly stated that I don't know what goes on behind the scenes...like you had a press pass to some VIP treatment in the realm of knowledge. I never called you a liar. I never said you called me a liar... I simply said your facts were not correct. However they got that way, could be misinterpretation...could be someone else lying... And...in closing ...once I told you what happened at the track, you then said you'd make phone calls to straighten the story out. So...after you saying that, in your own words, how do I...or anyone else for that matter, know you didn't make phone calls to spread mis-information in the first place? Does your bat phone only relay the truth...and not mis-information? Because if so...I can think of a few people that need to download that app. We talked candidly for over an hour. And you made a very, very fine point. Saying something on the Internet does not portray tone, attitude, joking, seriousness, etc. I agreed with you 100%. And you even made the comment that you used 1 million smileys, etc., so people knew you were joking. A personal phone call eliminates most of that. I don't understand how I'm talking shit about you and getting the facts wrong when I, myself had the conversations with you and heard the words come out of your mouth. Since everything that you heard about me, my bike and my setup were 3rd and 4th hand before I talked to you...wouldn't that make YOU the one talking shit and getting the facts wrong...? I'm not a hater by any means. And I think you'd find quite a few people at the track and dunes (gotta throw dunes out there for Shayne, as I said, they're not my thing) and they'd say we're easy going, helpful and honest as they'd come. Have you ever heard me say one thing about your bike? No. Why? because I've never seen it. Never met you. Never seen or heard of it run anywhere. Maybe you should stew on that John....
  3. If the shoe (dildo) fits...wear it. Couldn't be more true in your case. Move along...
  4. Isn't it time for you to polish up a nice shiny dildo?
  5. It had the people, and it was heading in a right direction. My understanding (for whatever little that's ever worth...lol) was that membership/leadership wanted it to stay fun, unorganized and run what you brung with no class structure, nothing... I walked the track with Frank P. and threw to the side glass, large rocks, all different kinds of materials that could seriously injure someone and just BEG for a lawsuit. It was bad...very bad. But I was grateful for Jo, Jim and crew for trying to do the best they could with what they had.
  6. Simple John, he gets that from me. From our talk. (Mine and yours) From all the facts and hearing you've had about my old bike and setup, to how it ran and where. And 90% of it was untrue. You had plenty of information you thought on my bike, yet never saw it ran in person once while I owned it. It only went to the dunes twice, both on Holiday weekends and never with me (I let Evan borrow it either once or twice...before he built his K&T Army bike.) Never saw it ran in Gilbert in 08, evident by the fact you said it was in a Rigid. Said it blew up at WMSD in October of 2010 at pro truck race because I put sniper pipes on it, not because the crank stay pin came loose, which I clearly explained to you over and over (and I still don't think you believe it was my assembly error) and you said when I made that pass, phones were a ringing behind the scenes. John, you've got some good ideas and I appreciated our talk, and I give you respect. But it seems, not just with me...but with others, you either need to find new and credible sources of information, help with remembering some facts...or start taking better mental notes.
  7. dajogejr

    UFC 162

    Glad Silva got knocked out...but it's clear...he could've won this fight if he wanted to. Can't stand his ring antics, but he's still the best in his class, and in the UFC, pound for pound.
  8. And it's a shame... Several of the guys in our group (Johan, Jim, etc.) were at the track busting their asses to get it to go smoothly... they pretty much got the shaft when it came time to get their input. I remember going out and they were digging in the mud for the lights, timers, etc. They bought the system from another Track ,. Albright Shores and there were issues with payment, etc. IMO...until they change the leadership for Port Huron, it'll never be what it could be for organized racing. And that may be how they want to keep it...so be it. It's their MC.
  9. Now Chris is going to get a big head... great, just great. LOL. Yep, he's a good guy that will help a fellow racer, even if it's who he's racing in the next round. That's how most of our MI family is at the track. I saw a couple of clips of him running, I'd love to see that on a full pass. Thought I read something about him not being sure of enough shut down. We have top fuel and top alcohol dragsters that make full passes, but they have chutes, etc... I love the layout of WMSD...wish I had more time to get over there. Thanks for the honest input bum, appreciate it.
  10. Glad to see this even go off well and people have had nothing but good to say about it. I know how much work they put into it. I wonder what they have in mind to get better hook off the line...I know over the past few seasons they've put more clay in. I know Ricky and Buddy were probably running around with their hair on fire...but J and Bum80, do you know if anyone said anything to them or the track help to get the first 60 foot hooking better? I do know, once an event starts (test and tune) it's a bad idea to change track prep or surface. At another MI track, they did that years ago, changed the T&T surface all around for race day, the ATV guys, myself included, were just a tad upset. Sorry I couldn't make it up JMadd, would be nice to meet up with you.
  11. This is priceless, not useless....lol. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  12. No pipe dyno thread will ever get followed through...it can't be. Different pipes like different motor characteristics... We could take 20 motors, dyno them all side by side. Half might like one pipe, the other half might like another. Pipes are a very, very small part of an overall winning package. But they're the firestarter for pretty much any thread on here. Pipe A. vs. Pipe B, it's all you need for 100 pages of chest thumping, and about 80% of them have never been down a drag strip or organized race to where the last nth of HP is important.
  13. Funny video? You mean that shit was staged? Fuck...I thought it was a documentary.. Damnit
  14. Great. JD is shouting and it's only 1:30 in MI. He's already started drinking..great. We know how this day/story is going to end....
  15. Sinequan...sounds like a Detroit Democrat name.. Oh what, that's Sheniqua...my bad dog.
  16. I'm trying not to speak out of school, so don't take this for bible. It has to do with either and/or the thickness of the gear, the number of dogs and/or the other gears engaged while the trans is in 1st. My old friend who has cut a gazillion overrides told me the reason 1st is stronger and more reliable. But it has slipped my mind. I'm hoping a builder that cuts their own trans can chime in with the real answer. You are correct, they are all made the same way and with the same steel, it's how it engages and a few other variables.
  17. 1st gear is stronger than 2nd, all there is to it really. Many people don't gear/tire/clutch their bikes to use 1st gear for the very reason there is such a gap from 1-2...so many launch in 2nd and the issue is exposed. 2nd is a weaker gear.
  18. Well said. There is no point chasing MPH. It's a reference, albeit not a great one. I've said this 100X... One of the fastest small motor racers on the planet (regardless of what you think of him, his products, his business reputation) is RDZ. His race is 60Ft and ET. Other bikes in the same class motored by at the end of the track by 6 to 10 MPH, but he got the 60 and ET... To be honest, I use MPH to get a rough gauge on timing. You'll hit a wall where you run the same ET, but your MPH can go down... Obviously, there are a ton of other factors, but I'm with Slow. MPH doesn't mean squat. Get to the end of the track first.
  19. Tundish, you know you're my MI brother and my bro. But I'm in severe disagreement with you. Especially after you witnessed Joe going ass over tea kettle at the county fair. You'll always have the dunes to keep it pinned, minimal safety wear and have fun. At the track, we need safety and rule improvements. Yes, I hate wearing hot clothing on a warm summer day sweating while we wait to make passes. Things could always be much, much worse. I'm with you Green. Time to talk to tracks within the Sand Drag organizations and see what direction they want to go in.
  20. Well said Brandon. Too many people want to "just slap a dome in" and get peak performance. There are too many variables...especially on a cub. Gotta know if it's out of the hole, trapped volume, UCCR...
  21. Have fun guys... Jeff (blewbyu) said the strip was soaked. Stay safe!
  22. Wow...bravo. That's some damn funny shit. Yes, you have entirely too much time on your hands, but that's pretty damned funny, don't care who you are. I might have to come up with one of these. It'd probably be about 1/2 hour long though....LOL. LilSteevie is Seinfeld and the prison guy is Michael Shannon...LOL. http://www.hbo.com/boardwalk-empire/index.html#/boardwalk-empire/cast-and-crew/nelson-van-alden/index.html
  23. dajogejr

    MLB 2013

    Sorry to hear that. We only have Miggy Cabrera, Verlander, Sherzer, Sanchez, Fielder...ok, I'll stop.... Home Run king Bautista? I think you have to crack the top 10 to be considered that...he's tied for 21st. LOL
  24. On a side note, there are others that need protection 24/7. After partying with JD...he falls into this category. He should have to sleep with a helmet and neck roll on.
  25. I'll go one further with minors involved. Anything 4.0 or faster, you should be 16 minimum. I'm tired of seeing 13 and 14 year old kids ride bikes well over 100HP. I don't care how long they've been riding or how they smoked everyone on their CR80 at the local track. Green, nice post and long overdue. This sport will continue to go nowhere until there are better rules and safety standards put in place. I support you 100%.
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