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      Titties and beer, huttin 2 legged deer, thank god I ain't queer

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  2. just dont use the shiftpro spring. its weak as and feels like shit.
  3. dirty, dusty, neglected and wasting good space in the garage.
  4. haha mark always gets juiced guys to fight. he should get something.
  5. well..... that was..... average...
  6. dirtydownunder


    some ok fights. wanted to see jones vs cormier 2. but funnily enough cormier vs silva is just as good. i know silva been a bit shit lately, but i dont count him out. he can pull something out his ass, he could even possibly win. cormier is a beast tho. aldo vs frankie will be good, aldo has much to prove. i hope frankie gets it. hunt via ko ftw would be cool. brock is a pretty fast for how fukn huge he is. ufc has been pretty annoying lately...
  7. not really, pretty typical of early 50's open wheelers. but they all kinda looked similar in some areas as each other back then.
  8. just get out of frames. thats the only reason people get them pipes.
  9. yeh looks like it could interfere with your bash plate.
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