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    Bored 200 over. So it's a 502cc. Home ported wif my dreamle. Dg pipes painted with da walmarts super hot BBQ paint.

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  1. I've got a set that are 17 eye to eye
  2. Kudos to you geezers keeping this forum alive...
  3. Nw RAPTOR Rally. Why worry about trying to crash somebody else's party? The fast banshees are always there. They do just as well as the raptors. Usually a few that do a bit better.
  4. How much you gonna spend so it'll still be a turd?
  5. Juse slapped a 421 serval together with 28s. 155 main 52 pilots. Runs like a top. Plugs a little dark. Just like I like em.
  6. Is that pesos? Surely it's not dollars?
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