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razrs knarlies or holeshots

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what are you runnin' jackson?


20" gncc's in back and 21" gncc's up front, the fronts are awesome, the rears are disapointing, they hook up awesome though, definitly, but other than that, they are crap , if you could be sponsored a nd get a new pair every 10 rides theyd be great,

theres no way they could hold up like razr 2's if you did the same type of ridingo nt he same machine, the compound is much softer, and they have the split knob which allows for more traction but quick wear, the worst tire i ever seen was the xct's, i watched my friend get a set and make them basically bald in less than 10 rides and thats on a 4 stroke too.. the gncc's hold up alot better than most the itps (i never seen the hd;'s in action but would never want em either) but as far as compared to maxxis tires, no way, maxxis has solid knobs and harder compound

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i have the knarly xc 22'.

they hook up awesome in everything but true sand, the stuff where you should have paddles lol

they seem to be holding up well too. lots of pavement riding lately too.

they do really well in snow too if that matters where you live.

i have heard nothing good about holeshots, other than they hook up like nothing else for about the first hour or 2 of riding

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I just ordered some 20x11x9 Maxxis iRazr's. Those are 6-ply radial's. We'll see how they work out, and I'll post it. I meant to order the Knarly HT's, but oh well. Hopefully they do good in loose dirt. UPS says they will be here on the 29th. I'll let you know.

They came today. I got them on polished 9x9 ITP rims, intead of the 8" wide rims. Couldn't try them out until I got my steering stem back together. But, the bike's back in business. And, MAN! These tires bite loose dirt, great. Much better than the Holeshots that I had. And, there radials, so I'm guessing that they'll last a little longer.

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ive tried quite a few diff tire combos over the past few seasons. i mainly ride/race xc so mud and snow is a factor. When its bad the I razrs are nice out back. they clean out better


My fav combo is razr rears w/ razr 2 fronts backwards on pretty much any quad. Switching them backwards really makes a nice diff. in the woods tracks great, and helps steer out of ruts a little better it seems.


I run razr 2 rears on my raptor just because they last twice as long and i ride it alot. I like kenda klaws ran backwards but they dont hold up very well at all.


I havent tried the gncc rears yet but had most of the other holeshots

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