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Suspension Setup Front & Rear Shocks

Big Mike NY

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I have racetech shocks front and rear.  My a arms are +3 +1 with long travel shocks.  What preload and rebound settings are a good base to start with?  I do not know a lot about suspension and setups and I want to maximize the setup.  This is the information Racetech provided.  Thank you..


SRSK AYAYFZ3588F IANN483  IFP/rebound   Sport  +3/+1

IFP (Internal Floating Piston) shocks with rebound adjust.


Setting as follows:


US-1 oil 2.5 wt

100 psi N2

Reb: 25 clicks out

Top spring: 5.3 kg/mm

Main spring: 1.8 kg/mm

Combined spring rate: 1.34 kg/mm

Preload: 15mm 

Sag: 99mm

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This is from the suspension guide, and is how I finally got my Floats figured out. 

On 1/13/2019 at 1:14 PM, tfaith08 said:

*NOTE* do not EVER run the compression all the way in. This is a good way to destroy shocks. 2 clicks from max is safe. 1 is still pretty safe.


Drop high speed compression all the way.


Run low speed compression almost at max.


Run rebound at max.


Go for a ride at a slow pace. Every time the shocks bottom out, add 2-3 clicks high speed compression.


If you get into a series of rough terrain and the shocks soak up the first few bumps very well and then get stiffer and stiffer or bottom out, or if the back kicks up hard off a jump face or off a bump, back the rebound out 2-3 clicks.


I prefer all the low speed compression I can get, but if you want more comfort, run it all the way down. Every time it rolls excessively or wants to bottom out going up the face of a jump or landing softly rom a landing, add a little low speed compression.


Generally, valving is a mix between performance and comfort. You want the softest compression and highest rebound settings you can get away with.


Write these settings down for each place you ride. It only takes a minute to adjust them. As you get closer and closer to max adjustment, you may want to consider a revalve.

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