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Dm cylinders on stock cases.


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With a 102 spread there is limited space there. Those are a 78 bore. Now think about a DMX that is 80 83 or even 85 bore. Now you will analyze this to death, but the 85 bore DMX's have proven to be superior in performance than its 120 spread Cougar cyld big brother.



And Cougar Cylinders FTL!!

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I call myself looking for this info on google but no luck. My question is are the cylinder base studs relocated to fit the dm cylinders on stock cases. I know other extensive work has to be done which is more than I can do. But Reason I ask is I have a set of cases with one stud broken off in the case. If they are relocated to fit the dm style cylinders then I won't worry as much about getting it out without damaging the case but if they stay in same position then I need to be very careful when extracting the broken stud.


ALL stock stud locations are used!! You need to extract the broken one if you have the ability without messing it up. If you don't feel comfortable doing it who ever you sent the cases to to have them modified for the DM should be able to do it

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"Inside transfers " ? Yeah they look a little uneven don't they lol.

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The outside transfers are wider therefore the inside transfers have to be longer to get the same volume on a 102 spread. Do to core shifts in the casting process it is up the the person porting it to make them right.

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