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  1. So WTF is going on here. I can not post some stuff but I’ll say this...stop talkin bout it and be bout it. There’s some peeps getting all geeked out up in here and don’t have a Banshee worth a shit to back it up
  2. Use electric fan with Yamaha 4 stroke ATV rad if heat is a prob. U all geeked out with electrical as is on ur Banshee
  3. Use an OEM Raptor radiator and inline cooling with Redline water
  4. U should think bout some outside box shit. Get wid Zilla and RU
  5. Set ur frame to ground height then go from there. I like a lot of caster for high speed stuff, 0- 3/4 deg neg camber and toe in 1/8-1/4 “ on everything
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