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Small bore CPI in frames w/ Cascade silencers

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For sale is a nice used set of small bore CPI’s with Cascade CSFX silencers. $480 shipped. Everything is in excellent condition with the exception of a few minor things that you will never see when it is installed. The first issue is a small dent on the inside of the left pipe where the head hits the pipe. I’ve seen that on a lot of CPI’s. Also on the left pipe is a small dent about 2 inches from the exhaust flange. The chrome on that flange is also starting to chip a little bit. The last issue is a smudge on one of the stinger tubes that looks like something got burned on it, but it won’t come off. All of these issues can be seen in the pictures below. Other than that there is no rust or discoloration to be found. Sale includes exhaust, stinger tubes, and silencers. No exhaust hangers, springs, clamps, or silencer bolts (that bolt the silencer to the frame) included.














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Seems kinda high fg or used pipes. WHAT Is Your Bottom Dollar

Do you drink your own bath water? The fucking silencers cost nearly what he's ask, and his asking price includes probably 50 dollars worth of shipping fees. Take your nonsense elsewhere!
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