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Buying a new (used) truck


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my ford ranger finally went on me. Im in the market for a new truck.

My requirements


-crew cab

-under 70k miles

-05 and up



What's everyone's choice of truck?

I'm not dedicated to brands like some people. I'm dedicated to something that will start every morning for the next 10 years.

What do you have, what do you like/not like, why did you get it, known problems, anything you can think of. Any brand is a go really.

I'm gonna finance this. I'm looking at around 14-16k with 4500 down.

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Bottom line is all manufactures have good trucks and junk ones. But for the most part they are all solid when taken care of. Seems like if someone owns any vehicle and gives two fucks about maintenance,(including washing) trucks can and will usually last a very long time without major repair. Ive own my current truck since new. Its a 2006 gmc with 62,*** miles. Only repairs i had were last yr. I had to replace 2 power steering lines. Other then that, its been just brakes and tires.

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my 05 ram wasnt bad... 130K miles was poorly treated every 2 years or so... dings and scratches, rarely washed ect... rust started to get the best of it in 2014 aka bubbles in the fenders and under the doors where rocks commonly hit... properly cleaned and treated it would of stayed A1



heard the 2015 GM's have issues with the paint peeling.... but thats a prep issue from factory.... warranty gots that....




Ford is just not my cup o tea... as special said.... 80% of my buds have fords.... ill stick to being a passenger when being in one.

I was trying to stay away from dodge as the rot is a huge issue.

I'm in Nj and salt is a problem. I'm also 30 minutes from the beach.

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FFS..... this is the ultimate debate. Buy what you can afford, and buy one that has been cared for. They all have their hi and low. The Internet has made every slapdick who can read an expert on automotive knowledge. Try them all, be sure you're happy, drive it home.

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