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Stripped footpeg insert in frame Help!


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One of my footpeg inserts in the frame started to strip out on me, So i whipped up this set of replacements to fix that problem once and for all. Not bad for using a hand drill, a grinder and some file work? Yes, i could have helicoil insert repaired them or even tapped to a different thread pitch. There's really not much thread length at all on the rear two, it's laughable how little there actually is. People drilling and tapping larger take note, it's just a nut in there. These replacements have more thread all around and i tapped them M10x1.5 which is a coarse thread instead of the M10 fine thread yamaha had installed. Should be a simple install once the other ones are removed.




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I'm no draftsman, thats for sure. These should help some, if not ill do my best to explain.

The first two are the front mounts

The third one is the rear and they are the same both sides

The only critical diameter is the 1.040 step and that is so it will fit inside the tubing back there, I picked .375 out of thin air along with the .800 diameter and it's .625 length.



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Nice! Your helping out a ton of people. Thanks for taking the time to do it

Well i hope it does help people, between this and my fix on the gas tank inserts i didn't see any reason to not provide everything i knew.

And to all of the people who wanted some made, i wouldn't know where to even price them. Machine work is high, and it's a tough deal to be fair to everyone. myself included. Not to mention the problem i've seen a million times before, where a guy starts off with the best of intentions and soon finds himself in over his head. Angry people with no money and no product. If i were to make any more to be sold, i wouldn't take any payment until i had completed pieces ready.

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