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Is this good deal? new cheetah 421cc lonestar frame

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Let's just use this thread to communicate what's going on.


It sounds like everyone is getting refunded.


In PP you can flag a suspicious or fraudulent seller. Some of you guys should do that. It surely can't take long.


I would think PP has to have some personal info about this guy. If he links a bank account he surely can't get around having to use his real info can he?


This guy is as good as gone from BansheeHQ. It sounds like the refunds have already started coming.




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I spoke to paypal earlier about my funds being in hold, and they said I'm definitely getting the money refunded they're just waiting for the money to clear from him.


They said I should have it Monday at the latest.

that's weird mine went through quick
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Filed a dispute on Tuesday, said fuck this guy and the horse he rode in on today and filed a claim. I'm a moron for not sticking to my guns on this.


He has ZERO intentions on contacting me or worrying about refunding my money over this B.S.


I just hope paypayl can help me get my $$ back.


Lesson learned.....

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