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  1. Is there any difference in the a-arm and j-arm calliper? I.e. mounting holes, or the internals? I have a 2002 in the Yamaha shop, the pistons on the brakes are scored and the brakes feel like mush. So they ordered in the rebuild kit, and it doesn’t resemble the internals on mine. They had some other banshee brakes laying around, and they don’t line up with mounting holes on the bike. Any ideas? I’ve asked them to send me some pictures
  2. Thanks[emoji1303] I’ll let you know
  3. I’m just waiting for a reply, too see how much it’d cost me for the seat. But tbh, I think all in all it’ll be too much. I found a couple of seat trimmers in the uk, so may just go that way. Thanks anyway
  4. How much are you looking for?
  5. Don’t know? Just asked if I could purchase a seat, and send it to them?
  6. They got back to me today, unfortunately for me they would want a seat sent to them. But I can’t find any cheap ones on eBay to have sent to them. $65-70 without postage... Take in the cost of cover, and return postage.....just doesnt make sense to spend that much money on a seat
  7. I sent CSL a Facebook message, after the guys on here recommended them. Their seats have that custom look Jeff used to offer. So I’ll hopefully hear back after the holidays I’m not really a huge fan of the cascade designs tbh, that’s why I made the post. Been off the scene for a while, so just trying to play catch-up.....and see what’s about
  8. Everything is too much work for people over here! Any form of customisation or repair isa joke. I’m waiting on a reply from one place, but they seem very basic. I really like the different carbon/ostrich fabrics, and stitching I see around here
  9. You need sva, for plg. Otherwise agricultural limits you to 15mph, and a few miles travelling from your home. But rules are changing next week. From the 1st of January you may not be able to get a banshee road legal. Check out quadtech’s site for details
  10. Who’s making custom seat covers these days? Is cascade the only option out there?
  11. Glenyboy


    Hopefully it will have pride rules! https://youtu.be/4hAkc4Zrsug
  12. Glenyboy


    He should leave, and then go sit on wanderlei silvas face again in rizin
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