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Post your cross country here

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hey post ur cross country/ trail banshee's........rely interested on how they look and their mods :evil:

They probbaly look the same as all the other banshees with more stokes parts.

Im really insterested in cross country though. I was reading a mag today, it talked about cross country, i really might want to get into it.

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Few years ago







Last season.







Some sand shots.





No racing pics yet, but soon after april!


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I can`t still in pieces but it looks like a banshee with a big desert tank 23" tires front 22" rear to help clear rocks, +3 a arms full belly skid and a well hidden volkswagen steering stabilizer to reduce shock through the bars.

I'm curious on how you mount that VW steering stabilizer? Are they the same as one you'd buy or is modification needed to mount it..

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How did you do at the Iron man race?


i only raced that one once, on a my old raptor



good to see people still racing the banshee in gncc


well he come in about 30th I think, had some bad luck and ran most of the race on 1 cylinder cause the throttle cable messed up. I was on my 250r and placed 16th, there was about 60+ riders in just our class (first year racer) heres a picture of us on the start line.



I dont think we did to bad being as that was our first race we ever did. there was just one other banshee besides his, a bone stock one with razr tires, and I think he placed between us.

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