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  1. Stock carbs? Check the o ring on choke. Maybe it's just not bringing the choke circuit in. I'm assuming it runs fine after it does start?? Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  2. Unhook fuel line from tee and turn gas on. Run out? Slides in right carbs? Is the rubber hose between carbs hooked up? The choke hose that connects each carb to each other about 3 or 4 inches long. Loosen the screw on bowl that bleeds down the fuel in bowl. Does gas run out? Find out of fuel is not getting to carbs or if carbs are not feeding. Go from there. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  3. Been missing a few weeks. Happy to see this topic at the top. Still: Sniper ftw Passion Racing ftw Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  4. Ditch it. No gains period. Check out the thread about POST YOUR SET UP. Tons of pages on different peoples bikes with all info on jetting. Find somebodys set up close to yours and start there. Then plug chop and rejet as needed. Good luck
  5. Theyre just hard on intake boots and will cause them to split and melt your motor down. Just keep an eye on it and look around for a stock cross over tube.
  6. joey83

    need pipes

    Good guy ^^^^ Good luck!
  7. My personal chain saw is an echo CS 440 with 18" bar. Gets the job done.
  8. Are you guys talking two stroke weedeaters? I ran a small engine shop for years and sold Echo and Stihl. My personal garage is full of Echo equipment that runs flawless. Stihl chainsaws-- Use a plastic oil pump drive gear. They also use a plastic lower end crankcase. Similiar to Poulan, Homelite and all the cheezys. Your 10,000 rpm crank is sitting on plastic. If it gets a little warm its game over. If I was going to go buy a new trimmer for the house it would be an Echo SRM 210. Im assuming they still make that model. I sold my half of the shop in 2006. Back then they were $199. Generally speaking theyre all pretty good. This is the ford chevy dodge thing of yard equipment.. Keep them cleaned up. Run good oil that wont carbon the exhaust port. Dont expect a mower to do what a tractor does, dont expect a tractor to do what a dozer does, dont expect a dozer to do what dynamite does kind of thing.
  9. Holy torque wrench debate.. I'll just mail you one. You just pay shipping both ways and drop some of your girl's panties in the return box?
  10. Saturday side job. Proctoring this NATE hvac test. Eeeeeeeasy money.
  11. About how much money tied up in entire filter system/process? Interesting
  12. Pulling water from the lake and treating it themselves? I almost tried pulling from a pond at our old place instead of gambling another $5k ea to drill another well after our well started getting salty and not recovering well.
  13. I guess stock lights? I have headlight covers for small trail tech or lazer star lights. Black with eyes.. Just cover shipping.
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