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    testing for my content area
  2. NOW FIXED: -Breadcrumb links: These are the links above the page #'s that track how deep into the forums you are Banshee HQ Forums » General Banshee Discussions » General Banshee Discussion » New Skin These links now function as they should -Pagination: Page #'s. These now function properly.
  3. Still working on it guys. Testing reply.
  4. SERVER DOWNTIME/OUTTAGE NOTIFICATION Affecting: All visitors. Reason: Failing Hard drive in server ------------------------------------------------------ Hey everyone, In case you haven't noticed, early in the AM the BansheeHQ server tends to become unresponsive or displays error messages. This is due to a failing hard drive. Today we will be replacing the drive, but at the current time of writing, I'm not sure when exactly. I'll keep you posted as to when to expect downtime and for what duration. -Lee
  5. J.J., send me a PM with your paypal address, I'll research it & get back to you. -Lee
  6. NOTE TO ALL PREMIUM MEMBERS Today I've canceled all premium subscriptions from PayPal. This will not affect your Premium Membership on the site. This ONLY makes it so that your premium subscription will not auto-renew. To renew your subscription after it expires, simply sign up for the package of choice on the site. Again, this only affects the subcription on PayPal's side.
  7. Should be restored now Dave. If not, let me know.
  8. The New BHQ chat is up. It is an upgraded version since the old one wreaked havoc on the BHQ database for whatever reason. If anyone wants to get in and test out the chat, the link is back up in the main menu bar. (just below the BHQ Header image). Shoutbox will be next but probably later this evening before I can get to it. -Lee
  9. Just wanted to thank everyone who clicked the "report post to moderator" link on the porn spam topics. I've cleaned up a bunch today and Loco has been tackling it daily as well. Thanks much for the help guys. I've installed the patch last night as mentioned previously, but still had some clean-up to do. I was able to investigate a few of the culprits and found similarities in their IP's. So to combat, I've blocked those IP's from even reaching the server, moreover the site. The only other way they'll get through is with other IP's, which I can block them too. The patch should help as it requires new members to submit a Re-Captcha answer (image verification) upon registering now. Please let me know if you find some other residual spam and I'll investigate. -L
  10. I'm aware of the shoutbox being non-existent since the upgrade, but I'm checking into a different one. The last update broke the current one. Instead of re-installing that exact shoutbox I'm checking out a different shoutbox which should be better integrated. Shoutboxes as a rule tend to put a slight strain on the server. After some brief shut-eye, and some coffee in a few hours, I'll get on the new shoutbox mission.
  11. From the developers of the forum software Invision Board: Spamming Issue We are aware that there is a spamming issue with the IP.Board. We have released a new version of IP.Board 2.3.6 that will correct this issue. If you have an active support contract you will be able to download the new version by using the "Your Downloads" link. This update includes all previously released updates and introduces enhanced spam prevention measures.
  12. Done deal. thanks for the heads up. I cleaned up a few other accounts that have been posting spam/porn as well. They've been banned. If anyone sees more spam lingering or being posted, please let me know by clicking the Report Post to Moderator button on that post. Thanks.
  13. I won't ban you for supporting a political character. It has no consequence over the subject of banshees. The rest (below) is a general topic reply, not aimed toward anyone: I know I'm in the minority on my own site in terms of politics. I'm not liberal per-se but I have definite left-wing views after seeing our jobs, economy, political, and justice system dragged through the mud for the last decade. And if anyone was worried that the left will take away your guns and motorsports, I think you'd still be in the 1960's mentality of left-wing. Today's non-right-winged politicians are more concerned with getting the country back to progress and getting jobs back than any other issues. It's going to take two terms of the right candidate to reverse the extreme damage that has been done. If anyone who voted for Bush is happy about China owning a vast percentage of our debt, I'm open to hear why. We support communist china by sending just about all of our manufacturing, but yet I can't get a cuban cigar. Fuzzy logic there. And for the record, I wouldn't blame bush for the last 7 years. It's a lot deeper rooted than him. With as much debt to the corporate guys that got him in office, he's spent the last 7 years paying them back with leniency. Thus, they get away with things like record windfall oil profits, while you and I pay $4 per gallon, and loans to people who shouldn't get loans, then when they all lose their homes they couldn't afford in the first place, and the mortgage lenders start crying, I have to help bail them out.... come on. I pay taxes to put kids to school, to pave roads and highways, to keep police on patrol, etc. etc. Not to bail out crooked corporations. I'm not anti-corporate... hell I plan to be in a corporate position possibly some day. However, with a corporation comes corporate responsibility. It's in the rule books when you file to incorporate...I've already been through that process. But why would you want your company to be moral and to build a company on morale, when you can just pay the presidential cabinet and lobby for a right to no-bid contracts or predatory loan practices. I see the right-wing point in general terms. But when you break it down further, I just don't see the mentality. Not the old-style republican mentality, that is dead and gone. The neo-cons are the ones who wanted to take a different approach, and in my humble opinion, failed miserably.
  14. This doesn't hold a candle to the hundreds of speeches Bush-ballz has given. Bush, being at the helm for 7 years should have never opened his mouth unscripted during a public politcal speech. Even then bush sounds like a lobotomy patient. And people are all over Barack for this? clearly he meant 47 states. A man of his experience and knowledge wouldn't consciously get an elementary school like this. I would expect nothing less though of the opposition to call him out on it. I gave the benefit of the doubt to McCain on the 100-year war statement. I give Barack the benefit of the doubt on this one. Then again, I'm biased. I'm looking forward to an economy in the years to come. BTW, it's President. not Presedent.
  15. i aim to please. good to see it's working for ya.
  16. Thanks everyone, your ideas, comments, and suggestions, quite often take some time for me to think about, to mull around in my noggin before I can implement them; but no posts or otherwise that are brought to my attention fall on deaf ears. Everyone's views and opinions get taken into consideration, and that truely I believe, is what keeps a forum community alive. The site's changed so many times, i can't even recall the different layouts, features, and major topics that have come & gone for almost precisely 10 years now. Other sites, especially during a financial disaster such as the current state of the economy, I'm sure are finding it challenging to find ways of keeping the sites alive. I'll be the first to admit that during some points along the way, the challenges are nothing short of difficult. However, early on, I've made it a point to allow the BHQ to not just teach me what I need to know about the Banshee but beyond that, I try to learn what makes things easier, and more enjoyable for the HQ'ers who come to the site every day. I'm sure other niche forums are finding it difficult in certain ways if they've been reliant on their ad-base and member-base to keep the site floating, but when the winds change financially or otherwise, you have to adjust your sails accordingly. I'm sure in the coming years we'll see other sites come and go, and site policies change constantly. Recently on the BansheeHQ, I've removed any google ads from being served up to Premium Members. In addition, non-premium members will still see google ads in unobtrusive locations throughout the site. The latest additions to the BansheeHQ suite of ammenities, as most of you know: BansheeTube.com. Banshee Tube is a YouTube inspired Banshee Video sharing network. Upload videos, link videos to your site, and more. Other enhancements include the BansheeHQ Sponsor Spotlight, where we highlight those who serve the Banshee Community and as well, sponsor the BansheeHQ. This year alone the BansheeHQ has received the aforementioned additions, as well as moving it to a brandy-new server, with modifications done server-wise which was tailored directly to the operational nature of the BansheeHQ site specificially. Meaning, the server is configured for the BansheeHQ where most web-servers are tailored to hosting a wide-range of sites, thus optimizing it for the BansheeHQ. Lastly, that I can think of at least, I've replaced the default forum search engine with a much needed server-side-indexing engine. Again, thanks certainly goes to the HQ'ers that have helped build a community where over 14,000 registered HQ'ers can call their home on the web. With over 200 new members per month, the BansheeHQ is consistently welcoming new riders and new members alike to join the World's Largest Banshee Community.
  17. Lee

    This guy is a douche

    yep, over 15 pages of replies of "i hope you fail" and "please die" pretty amusing either way. clickity here
  18. Official BansheeHQ myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/bansheehq Official BansheeHQ Group: http://groups.myspace.com/bhq Official BansheeHQ Facebook Profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=603391860 Official BansheeHQ Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6362831709
  19. Last night at 12:00am (technically today) I picked up GTA 4. Anyone else get it? I love this game! Graphics, cinematics, cameos, it's got it all. I met two buddies over at GameStop, and the parking lot was packed. Joe had reserved his copy so he stayed there, and Tom and I went over to Movie Gallery and bought the only two copies they had! lucked out.
  20. Not sure if it's been linked yet... but if you REALLY only want banshee information and no pretty pictures of banshees (or boobs), then maybe you should consider the BHQ Lo-Fi version. It's been around for a long time. In fact, it's what Google uses. http://www.bansheehq.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php Enjoy the internet 1.0. EDIT: I take that back, it'll show pics inside of posts. just not avatars nor sigs. so yo may come across something you didn't want to see... but then again, that is just about every forum outside of the official Blues Clues forum (if there is one).
  21. that stuff make the exhaust smell like blueberries? haha wow.
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