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    1996 Banshee with SB IF Shearers, K&N filter pods, V-Force 2 reeds, Boss Racing intake, 34mm PJ carbs, Coolhead with 21cc domes, Wiseco Pro lite pistons, +4 timing, RM stator(stock watts), 16T-40T sprocket gearing.

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  1. You still have the stage 4 standard travel shocks for sale?
  2. Wow..$1750 for just the engine...wonder whats the price tag on buying a complete buggy
  3. Sleeper06 can you send me a link to the 2 stroke trucks like you had.
  4. Zilla guy where can I buy one of them twin cylinder r/c buggies like that? They are fast as hell...exactly what im looking for. The engine setup looks just like a mini bashee engine with shearers on it...lol. perfect engine for the r/c banshee I want.
  5. I like this design. Any links to who created this?
  6. The jesse james yamaha drag banshee made by west coast choppers would be a nice model to design a nitro r/c banshee off of.
  7. I have this same r/c banshee...it ok for a 9.6v but wonder if I can get one made to run on nitro with a .28 engine on it.
  8. I been wanting a nitro r/c toy for a while now & was wondering if anybody has built an nitro r/c yamaha banshee. If anybody has any links or any information that can direct me to the right person to get me one built. Let me know cause I think that would be a cool toy to play with. Thanks in advance. Reek
  9. sounds good to me...have any pics of them?
  10. Any idea on a price if you happen to have a set?
  11. I'm looking to buy some small bore in frame shearer stinger tubes. If you have a set in good condition let me know. Thanks in advance...PayPal ready
  12. How much to send in my rear master...I can afford the down time.
  13. I believe every bit of that if not more
  14. I am looking to buy a good set of Elka stage 3 or Elka stage 1 front shocks. Anybody that has a decent set of either let me know. Thanks in advance.
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