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  1. nastyracing

    Redline ported 421 cylinders/top end

    What’s the length on front shocks ? Assuming fire ball arms? Price
  2. nastyracing

    Aftermarket 250R axle

    What length center of bolt to center bolt are those axis ?
  3. nastyracing

    Getting into the asphalt 1/4 mile scene

    Build new bike . We race 1/8th mile,bracket race where I’m from . Fastest a trail/dune bike is gonna run is 7.9 , basic built drag bikes with fab skills , lightened instantly going in the 6s . A plus 10 swing is a must, and 1-5 override. Gas is consistent , alky is way more fun . Hope this helps .
  4. nastyracing

    40/40mm alky lectrons

  5. nastyracing

    Alky carbs

  6. nastyracing

    40/40mm alky lectrons

    Yes still for sale
  7. Like title say sb inframe shearers . Paypal ready . Or who’s got the best price on a new set
  8. nastyracing

    Red hiper rings 9” , dg front bumper

    I would trade the hiper beadlock rings for a straight stock steering stem or a set of fat bar clamps or risers for fat bars ...
  9. nastyracing

    Red hiper rings 9” , dg front bumper

    I do , I don’t wanna sell them tho trying to put a full fender bike together and need them
  10. Red 9” hiper beadlock rings 40$ Dg front bumper 40$ Prices plus ship and PayPal fees if non gifted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 9”hiper beadlock rings red in color 40$ dg front bumper 40$ prices plus shipping and fees if non gifted
  12. Way to rich w qq dump tubes as stated above ... I may have a set of qo dumps to sell still in wrapper ran into same issue jetting a set ... until Ditched them for pwk. Pm me if interested in dump tubes
  13. nastyracing

    40/40mm alky lectrons

    Bump ttt 450$ plus the ride and fees
  14. 40/40 mm alky lectrons set up for pump pe1 needles 550$ shipped w gifted payment . One cap needs new throttle cable adjuster Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk