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  1. 2 sorry can't upload pictures says file is to big have a lot more parts moving and cleaning out the shop
  2. 38 mm lectron with PE-1 Needles 300 $ with stock float bowl 400 with chariot bowl
  3. Don't matter he's the one that said he was going to send me the small parts and never did.so there is to sides to every story but after my mom died he's the one that said we can prolong the payments. At that time he could of said no ill just send you're money back or made agreement for some of the parts that he had the money for. Not to mention he just took a payment from me on 2-11-15
  4. Flat out rob rob I've sent u 3800 dollars and have you sent me any parts tell the truth Bbp builders.
  5. Dude im pissed period.. is the lest of my concerns. But please let people know....... and a couple more for the ones I miss on my rant. .......
  6. He used his wifes account and they have to work around that send her email and c if she know that he used her account
  7. I did but he lives in Canada and they said they said they cant help me
  8. I was going to buy a 10mil k+t motor 40mm carbs piddles drag pipes and another 10mil top end from him for 5800 I gave him 2900 right b4 xmas and the rest he said was cool on payment thin my mom died on 1-2-15 I told him to give me a min cuz im a only child and had to pay 4 the funeral my self witch was 17000 and I dont shit money he said ok I understand so I got my feet under me and gave him 800 on 2-11-15 for a total of 3800 and I was sending him 1000 yesterday and the dude wood not anwser his phone and like a woman text me and said he was going to sale the k+t 10mil to someone else and was going to just send me the other shit witch only came out to 2700 even though I give him 3800 I told him thats not the deal he told me that I dont call the shots he dose so I said just give me back my money if I cant get all the parts I got tired of texting told him to man up and anwser his phone he never did text he back like a woman and said that all get my money back after he sales all the parts and I just have wait ever if it takes a few months
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