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back flip updates!


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this thread is awesome.


a backflip on a banshee will def not look the same as on a 4 stroke. its gonna look way cooler.

Fuck yeah!!! Not every quad can scream while flipping!

And the story wouldn't be, "Hey did you see that atv backflip."

Hell nahhh.. it would be like, "Did you see that see banshee flip??? Fukin' badass yo!!!!"


Yes, the banshee is that much more special! :)

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Why is this thread still here??????? 9 pages of worthless shit and I read the whole damn thing bangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbangheadbanghead

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fuck all you guys scam my ass i will show you guys then you can shut up about and remember that you are all bitches. Saturdays d day. i will have pics for you then.






this coming saturday?


in all fairness, most of us here are bitches, so you have a point




in all seriousness, hopefully the kid found another hobby and didnt end up in a chair or worse... or he was just trolling the whole time.. he hasnt signed on in over a year

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