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497cc 7mil Super Cub - 4 mil Stock Cylinder - Misc Parts

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- Low hour 72mm 7 mil Super Cub cylinder and pistons $850

- OEM cylinders Dune ported for a 4mil by HJR. 64mm bores, FAST pump gas domes, Wiesco pistons $600

- New Keihin 33mm PWK with used intake and filters $500

- Lonestar +2/+1 standard travel arms, only a couple pieces made it in the picture but I have the complete set in great shape $500


Most of the misc. parts in the first picture are for sale. Please ask if you're interested in any of that.6913194f0e7afc7d31fe9a6c83f1b1de.jpg554e46180ea5165121ed9efd65db71d4.jpg7b5f4d5f80b25b4e971382140f3df74e.jpg5be7a7f58d3e6ca6e15436bad0372cff.jpge66ad1a025884ba111b921a3f5e91a4f.jpga7c94dcf8aeb3585e229cd8512e97627.jpg8eb00b1d7a13b414bc38d677ba98fb66.jpg


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On 8/19/2022 at 4:31 PM, 03shee775 said:

Can you send me some pics of the A arms? Any missing tidbits? Ready to bolt on? Thanks

They are not missing anything, everything is in very nice shape. Please PM me an email address if you're still looking and I'll send you some pictures. 

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