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T.O.R.S delete question

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Hello peeps. i just installed a Motion Pro Delete Kit yesterday and i noticed, that both holes on the slides are going way over the windows when throttle is wide open. the adjusting screws are almost all the way in and i have only 3 to 4 mm left, to get the slides further down to the windows. the only way to "fix" this is to turning in the limiting screw nearby the thumb throttle. the slides are synced, but i don't like this at all, when the springs inside the slides are getting squeezed together as much. the cable has been laid accurately as possible nearby the harness below the gas tank up to the thumb trottle. how did you guys managed it and is there any trick to get this corrected? thanks in advance for suggestions.

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56 minutes ago, 375hp banshees said:

Windows are @ wot  


yeah that's strange. i have another carb here at home and i just firgured out, it actually shouldn't go higher. the slide should be flush with the hole as seen on the left picture. when the dot goes over the window, it would look like that (right pic). i think it has to be the caps. actually i screwed them fairly tight. i need to investigate that again in the next days.



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they don't go that far, about the diameter of a dot, in my carbs at least. i pushed the carb-slide that far out just for demonstration. i don't like the quality of the Motion Pro Kit tbh. it's often a little hard to get the caps on the carbs, the idle screws feel a little lose (fixed with loctite). when i wiggle the cable, it's again a little out of sync. i will add a few more zip ties, maybe this helps!

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