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My banshee wont start


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So I got a 06 banshee. It was stored for 10 years, a month or two ago i decided to work on it, so i changed every fluid, i cleaned it, euro coolant, cleaned the carbs ( both were clogged), it was working pretty well, until one day i went for a ride, everything well until it started to pop from one exhaust, then i discovered the left sparkplug wasnt working, so i bought 2 B6's sparkplugs (it had B8's) today i tried it and it didnt start, so we decided yo clean the carbs again but it doesnt start. Can somebody help me? Its got a rebuilt gearbox too

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Yes, i tried going back to the b8's but the ones i have are broken, so i have to get ones. Now it starts sometimes and others it doesnt, and when it starts at idle it just stays for some seconds and turns off. If i acellerate it wont rev a lot and bogs. Any ideas? I'll check the cables underneath the gas tank, and i cleaned all the harness's connectors

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