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Bought a banshee that didn’t run. Runs but not good.

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Ok, I got a banshee that wouldn’t start. 
what I have done since: cleaned carbs completely, adjusting floats, adjusted carb screws to stock, removed old fuel and blew out fuel lines, checked/cleaned reeds, changed spark plugs, compression tested 125psi each side. It will start only with the help of starting fluid, no idle, misfires from right cylinder. 

It came with a cool head, fmf pipes and what looks to be a tors delete carb setup installed. Also received box of miscellaneous old parts including cdi box and stator...I’m guessing previous owner had some kind of issue with this. 

attached is video of bike running and missing ANY help would be great!  I will switch plug wires to see if mis goes to other cylinder and check to see if the brain was disconnected. Any other thoughts?

I guess the video is larger than 0.5kb. Will try to reduce size and post that

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Do a leak down test. There are more than a couple how to's to build your own on here. 

Honestly throwing parts at it doesn't do anything except drain your wallet.







Pick 1 thing, work through that 1 thing. document changes and results.

Not fixed? Move on to another thing.


Start with the leakdown, that will tell you the health of the rings and reeds, as well as tell you if you have any air leaks.... Air leaks will kill the bike quicker than shit.

Second go with fuel delivery. Did you COMPLETELY disassemble the carbs, Tank/Dip/ultrasonic clean, rinse with brake cleaner then blow out EVERY orifice with compressed air? Put the Slides in correctly on the correct side carb?

Fuel is good.... then move on to the stator, Again many DIY hold your hand tutorials on how to / what to check. Ohm checks, air gap, where the best place for ground is etc.

Stator checks out, ok Check the coil. Ohms, grounds, Wires, boots....

Next would be a short in the harness or one of the switches.... Have fun trouble shooting if this is the issue.


Remember when you change more than 1 thing at a time you can't point your finger at a single change and know what you fixed.


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Thanks toybreaker. 

since the post: I did a leak down test at 7psi and the engine did good. dropped to 6 after 6 minutes. 

I switched plug wires and the problem remained in the right side. I put $20.00 Chinese amazon carbs on and it ran surprisingly well. The misfires stopped, but they still need tuned better along with idle screws put in (if I keep them on). 

my work schedule is a little crazy, I don’t get to work on it that often.   Although some good progress so far. 

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