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Joe Molinari is an outstanding sponsor and takes care of his customers.
Communication was instant.
His customer service is second to none!
If you're in the market for any custom transmission work, do not hesitate to contact Joe at Joe's ATV Performance and Fabrication on Facebook.
He's even drop shipping the transmission to Don at Powerline!


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This Powerline Performance Dune/Play 350 is actually going in my 2002 to get me thru memorial weekend.

Joe's ProMod is right there in the 1st pic.

Cam at Redline is building my 421 Serval for my 2002.

Eventually this play motor will be back in the 97 for my boys to ride.







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Its built already? WOW.

What pipes and carbs will be used on this motor and what hp do you expect?


Bought stuff off Powerline, he was quick and helped out on the customs crap. Good guy to deal with.

Yeah, Don is the man.


Powerline Performance dune port 350

Mull Engineering pump gas head

Hot rods stk stroke crank

28mm PWK's/pods/outerwears

Stk intakes


+4* timing

Driveline Dune Clutch

Pro Circuits


I didn't even ask, and I don't really care how much power it makes.

I just told Don I wanted a midrange to top end motor with a strong emphasis on midrange power.

I'd imagine right around 60rwhp.

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I did ask Don what pipes he liked for use on his dune port 350's, and he said DMC 916's.

I told Don I have CPI's, PC's and T5's to choose from and he said, "on this motor PC's over the CPI's and T5's all day, but if this was a 4mil stk cyl dune port, then CPI's for sure."


The CPI's are going on the Redline MX Ported Serval.


Maybe when this dune port 350 goes back into the 97 I'll sell the PC's and T5's and get a set of DMC 916's...

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DMC 916's are an awesome pipe


I know!


But are the 916's better than Pro Circuits?


I have FMF Fatty's, Pro Circuits and T5's I can sell to buy a new set of pipes.


Are there any differences between the Alien vs 916's other than the obvious?


I'm not sure how I feel about the center exit exhaust.

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No difference, just the silencers (916's being center). The 916's work VERY well on stock and mildly ported motors, I can't vouch for anything else.


They're WAY better than T-5's, they might be better than PC's I don't know though.


Right on!


BTW, the Powerline Performance 350 Dune Port shipped out and is scheduled to be delivered this Friday.

One week turnaround and delivery 1 week ahead of schedule.

I'll get her installed and tuned this weekend!

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