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Please Help! Sloppy Brake Stay bracket!

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Ok so I just picked up a 1998 Banshee today and it has a Extended swing arm with Roundhouse carrier...


When putting it on the lift I noticed the rear axle to be sloppy also the brake caliper stay brake bracket free floating around...


Question is , what keeps the brake bracket stationary to the carrier?? Don't want it to stay sloppy, causes the brake caliper to bind on the Rotor!!!

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Pic of pin on the swingarm that holds the brake stay and prevents it from spinning round and round.... Like hopped up said.... There is slop there and you probly need the bushing.


If you get me dimensions I can machine you a bushing to your specifications and we can get it tightened up...


I would just run it for now, ain't gonna hurt anything being a bit sloppy. That what I tell my wife on the weekends too.

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