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Banshee 2 in 1 Trinity manifold 1 cylinder lean 1 rich?


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I got a few questions.


Dual Carbs/Vitos's FB pipes set up.


Yesterday i ran into a buddy of mine who happened to have a couple keihin carbs: a  pwk 35 and a pj 34 which was awesome as i already had 1 pj 34 and a pwk 35 so now ive got 2 matching sets. My question is if i was to stick with running the Vito's FB pipes which carbs would be the better fit for the engine and pipes? Just to recap the engine is bored over 1.5mm to 65.5 22cc domes V-force 4 reeds I have adjustable timing plate What degree setting? And what can i do to get some mid range torgue out of these pipes?


Trinity 2:1/Bill's Pipes set up.


The set of Bill's pipes i have wont fit the modified YFZ chassis so i have began to fabricate them to fit. Basically i cut them into pieces on the weld seems to rotate the sections of tubing so they clear  the risers and tuck in nicely like the Vito's did. I should have them Tig welded and ready for a test run this afternoon. Im going to try these pipes out with the Trinity 2 in 1 and see what kind of low mid power they put out. Just looking for the best all around setup for riding in the timber. The PWK 35 carb i picked up from my buddy had an EEK needle in it so i was super stoked about that. Going to replace the DEJ with the EEK for the test ride. 

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I would try the 34mm PJ's with the Fat Bastards. They will have just a touch more lower end oomph. Give it 4 degrees of timing and get cranking compression to about 145psi with a good set of domes. Is the crank welded?


That set up will definitely be a different animal then the 2/1 and bills. If you have all the stuff I'd try a few combos. I'd even try the 34's on the bills pipes. Save those 35's. It's only a matter of time before you may wanna try them on some stuff down the road.

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Cool thanks for the response. The crank to my knowledge is bone stock.. What part of the crank would be welded and why? I know its a common mod i just have never really researched it. 

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The crank on a car is whittled from one big chunk of metal. These things, the big lobes are just all shoved together in a press. So in time the crank sections may begin to seperate. Typically on stock crank motors, their time of demise is when there is a lot of abuse or mods like higher compression and advanced timing. The weld on the pin helps keep the parts from walking.

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