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About to buy Chariot Performance 2 into 1 *Opinions*

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I have a 2/1 duner and have had no issues once i got it dialed in.  the needle is crucial in a 2/1.  its either a dek or eek needle.  Cascasde seems to have the 2/1 (pretty sure they machined their manifolds to match vf3's) jetting setups pretty dialed. maybe give them a call.  Yes, i finally got a seconds 35 pwk so i will be switching to 2 carbs, but i ran my 2/1 for about 4 seasons and had zero gripes.  just going with a bigger motor next time....gotta buy this damn house before i can get back to the fun stuff.

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Ok well I think I'm going to pass on the 2 into 1 setup, I think I'm just going to get dual 35 pwk's with no airbox or should I get something bigger for my setup? I have some old 34 Mikuni's that I may use but dont know. What should I do keep the Mikuni's or get the pwk's.

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