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So I've looked around and there's so much out there it's hard for me to figure out what's best for me so I'm just going to ask. I'm building a Banshee for mostly straight lining and I want a motor that's a beast but will last longer than a month. Stock frame, probably gonna put a +12" swingarm on it and maybe some decent shocks but not gonna go to crazy with the suspension. As far as the motor goes I want to build it as big as I can without having to do any machining except porting the cylinders, which I can buy ported so that's not to big a deal. From what I've read 68mm bore x 58mm stroke (421cc) is the largest you can go without trenching and boring the case, is this true? Also I don't want to use stock cylinders bored I would preferably have a monoblock cylinder, is this a good choice, and if so what's a good monoblock that won't break the bank? Now if you have a +4mil stroker crank I know you have to have domes that are milled higher cause the piston will come farther up out of the cylinder but if you use "stroker" pistons with the raised wrist pin do you still have to use different domes? I want to run it on 91oct pump gas just cause of it's easy availability. What size carbs will be needed 34,35,38mm or 28mm slides? I'm going to run CPI Shearer pipes but will I need the small bore or big bore versions of the pipes? I know it's a lot of questions but it's also a lot of money so I want to make sure I do it right. Also I'll be assembling the motor myself and this is my first time tearing one of these apart, seems pretty simple though. Thanks ahead of time. 

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