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What I found in my driveway last night


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Ok so I come home last night around 2am from a workout session of 12oz curls.( Now I don't live in the city, I live off a two track style driveway through woods about a 1/4 mile. Because of all the snow and ice bullshit this year I cant get within 200 yards of my house even with 4x4.) So I get out of the BHP customs motor werx truck and start walking to the house. Ive got a flash light because im scared of the dark and I start seeing tire tracks in the snow past where I stop and start to walk. Ok keep walking and turn to walk down my driveway to the house and see this truck stuck. I took some pictures and went to bed. Not calling the cops last night because maybe it was someone I knew (long-shot) but wait till this mourning. Weil while I was out taking pictures of the truck this mourning a dad, son and tow truck driver cam walking up. The kid tells me the his gps on his phone told him to come down my two-track, passed where u can clearly see where every turns around and damn near up to my house(pics to follow). His dad trys to give him a pull with a 1500 Silverado with street tires, it was a failed attempt. By now ive called the police and theyre arriving to my house. Tells them the need a really wrecker to get this out. Took a few trys but with a nylon cord winch, block and pulley system they got it unstuck. The kid is supposed to come back when the ground thaws and fix the driveway.

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BHP will end up sued and covering 1/2 the tow bill as well as 1/2 the cost to clean truck. The other 1/2 will be covered by the GPS provider in the joint lawsuit.

Then the Dad will be sued by the son to provide money for the son to support himself since it is oppressive for the boy to have to live under the demanding rules of his parents household.

Finally the police will be sued for causing the escalating stress of running flashing lights and arriving with a deadly firearm carried in a way to blatantly intimidate to poor young boy. As well as damages for the police's failure to call an ambulance to treat the poor, lost, confused and cold little boy who was just an innocent victim of a failure of technology.


House should also be awarded to the boy since BHP chose to harass the boy by calling the police on him for no reason just because he discriminates against young people.


BHP should be fired from his job since he made no attempt to search for the lost boy and simply went to sleep and was willing to let the boy freeze. (His firing will come from a local boycott of his workplace by locals egged on by major media outlets.)

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