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Launching a 10mil Serval


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If you dont want a lock up.. Call east coast atv.. They have a clutch set up that my buddy runs in his 10mil serval! Its probably not a bad idea for a lock up tho!! And fyi.. That 10mil is gonna spin like a bitch on the road with nobbies!!

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w/a 10mm Serval, our clutch with NEW inner and outer hubs and HD springs will hold for awhile BUT you will need a lockup eventually, especially if doing a ton of dragging/launching on pavement.

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15 Hrs launching with a 10mm Serval is alot of pounding on a clutch w/no lockup!

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I have had a east coast Atv clutch with stock inner and outer hubs 3 stock springs 3 heavy duty springs and NO lock up and have beat the hell out of the clutch for the past 2 years earlier this year tire it down it still looked brand new..I don't do a lot if riding in pavement but I can tell you with knobbies it won't hook up in any gear even with my 320lbs on it my quad hooks harder with the paddles in the coal most if the time!!


I have launched my quad hundreds of times in second for hill climbs and a shit load of times in 3rd racing and clutch it on hills whenever needed, I hope you get your issue fixed if not call east coast they use te clutch in all there drag bikes with slicks and alot don't have a lock up!!

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i agree with what others have posted... if you actually broke clutch fibers something in the clutch setup is wore out or warped... do a real close inspection on all of the clutch parts.


my brother and i have been running fast clutches for years without issues...

why dont ya wanna run a lock up? you are making a ton of tq and trying to put it to the ground with a clutch basket, inner hub and pressure plate that was designed around a 35hp motor....


as far as launching on pavement and getting it to hook... i would invest in some american racer tires.... really hard to get nobbies to hook on pavement.....

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got me a slingshot night and day difference...


i must have been slipping a little the whole time before becuase it pulls like a bitch now!!! Thanks to banshee HP for helping me set it up. its holding fine with stock banshee fibers too.. ordered a driveline tho


between the lock up and gearing i only get about 10 feet of tire spin now on knobbies on asphalt


also to everybody who suggested i check for grooves in my hinson good catch... quick file and good as new


thanks to all

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