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  1. Last I heard Albany had been shut down. It was never officially a public place to ride but we rode there for many years. Last time a buddy drove over there, they had a fence up around the entire property.
  2. I agree with crazy puss here. I carry the same gun. I'm not the biggest fan of the gun but it works. The only reason to open carry imo is if you're an attention whore.
  3. Looks good. When I first started carrying, I would keep it on at all times. Literally until I went to bed at night. Before long you'll feel naked without it.
  4. Because some people don't like to print when they carry. They call it concealed carry for a reason.
  5. Private school (Christian school) in Alabama. We're pretty gun friendly around here haha.
  6. Its definitely regional. My kid's school just had a raffle for 30 guns for an athletics fundraiser. You wouldn't see that in a blue state.
  7. Awesome. I have one of the older alien gear iwb holsters and I love it.
  8. I buy all of my guns online. My local shop get $25 for the transfer. Still way cheaper most of the time and the local shops make a little bit of money.
  9. https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/022188147216?op=&title_only=0&hide_oos=0&mobile=true
  10. My wife carries one in her purse. It's a solid carry gun. Get the 6 round mag with pinky extension. I can't shoot for crap without a spot for my pinky to rest.
  11. A 26 is still a double stack 9mm. Not easily worn with an inside waist holster. Might as well go with a 19 or even a 17 at that point. Imo get a 43. An inch thick and way more comfortable.
  12. The shield feels really comfortable in my hands. I don't own one but a few of my shooting buddies do and I like em. Like Triple Chin said above, everybody will have a different opinion so if you like it, go for it. My wife has a glock 43 as a carry gun and I like it too. You can get a shield for under 300 new so keep that in mind just in case you're not a 40 guy. Edit: I carry in an alien gear holster. No complaints.
  13. Idk about a 80% receiver but you can buy a receiver from Childers and have at it. AK>AT any day....
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