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Found 15 results

  1. Im looking to get new a arms. I was running stock, now im leaning towards the abla +2+1 arms. Does the wider front end really make a difference? I mainly use my banshee to hit trails, tip donuts, maybe hit a few jumps. What are your thoughhts on the +2+1 arms? Thanks!
  2. I read on another post that a user on this forum named Patrick could get you a forum member discount for the long travel arms. Is that still available? Just wanted to check before I ordered them.
  3. Looking for shocks and +2 a arms I’m in Canada could you text me if you got something 780-897-6599
  4. Silver Roll Design 2+2 standard travel a arms includes tie rods $450 shipped obo
  5. We ride a lot in Waynoka, Ok in the dunes, which are usually really rough and beat you up, I'm looking for a long travel setup that will be smooth enough in the rough, but good for occasional jumping sometimes we tend to jump quite a bit. I currently have a set of +2+1 a arms made by full flight (which I don't have much confidence in) but that's another story. The elka shocks I had with the a arms went bad and are too old to rebuild so I bought a new pair of Fox Float 3's when I got them they don't fit the long travel a arms so I guess I'm going to have to sell them. So after all the $$$ spent I still don't have it fixed. I guess my options would be 1. find someone trustworthy and buy a good used setup either just a pair of LT shocks, and use my full flight a arms or the whole a arms if the full flights aren't safe. 2. Quit trying to poor boy this deal and go ahead and buy new alba a arms and elka stage 3 shocks and get the rear shock too. 3. spend a little more $ go with roll design a arms and elka, which I truly don't want to spend that much unless I have too. I would like to find a good used setup that's in great shape if at all possible but have been burned so I am hesitant on doing that again. already spent enough to fix this thing right and still spending....lol I sure appreciate everyones advice and if you can please help me....
  6. in need of these parts: a arms with suspension steering stem- exhaust system radiator + new hoses reeds swing arm i am also interested in other things lmk what u have thx
  7. mike12

    mx banshee

    i am planing on doing a mx build for my banshee and i am on a budget so if anyone has any parts lmk in need of -suspension -a arm -pipes -swing arm -rear axel - over sized radiator -rims and anything else you got for sale thx
  8. I'm looking for: -Aftermarket front shocks - +2 A Arms -Race cut front plastics -Front wheels (just wheels no tires) -Braided brake lines front and rear -Wiring harness -Round housing swingarm
  9. I have stock a arms with spindles and rotors asking 130 shipped also have braided brake lines with calipers brakes and resivor asking 100 shipped then also have wire harness with cdi asking 60 shipped hmu 7023556657 rob http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_191950_zps5llkylww.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_191954_zpsq61y0ltr.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_192000_zpslgczduka.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_192025_zps1jyuzlse.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_192017_zpsqvwpyegf.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_192214_zpso3kmoz8c.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_192219_zpsmy01tvrw.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140702_192230_zpssuvw51dp.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l492/robdodd84/20140711_013419_zpsreug8pcf.jpg
  10. Can you but a arms on a banshee when it has v arms?
  11. I bought a set of laeger +2+1 LT a arms with fox float evolutions and I can't seem to get much help with setting them up. They seem very stiff to me the main chamber is at 53 and the evol is at 150. I'm 220lbs can anyone help with what might be the issue.
  12. Finished a rebuild on a project 'shee, head was heli coiled pretty crudely, i time serted one stud insert out of necessity, passed on the other 9. 160lbs of compression upon assembly. 3 seconds of idle, opened the wick a few times and it backfires, blows my head studs out. The pro design head is salvageable i believe, but i need some cylinders. Or a whole top end kit. Stock bore right now, but if i could get big bore cylinders for the right price i can pick up a set of pistons. Would love a ported cylinder set with pistons to match. Could use plastics, could use stronger a arms. Have stock swingarm w/linkage if anyone needs it. also stock bore pistons i suppose if anybody needed them.
  13. Hey guys I'm looking for some pictures, pictures of lsr sports style a-arms for yfz450 the more close ups of the arms the better. Thank
  14. I have a lot of parts to swap. I have a stock transmission (not in the picture) in good condition off a running bike. I also have everything pictured here. The stator wires are cut, but did come off a running bike (it was just wired like shit) there are 2 stock baskets, one looks brand new and the other has some grooving and a couple knicks in on some gear teeth, it rolled smooth though and was off a running bike. there are lots of parts as well as these cases that were from a running sealed bike. Has a pretty good chain whack on it. I will clean them up more before shipping. I have these CT dune ported cylinders as well as namura pistons and the stock crank. The only thing not pictured is some spots on the cylinders are repaired with heli coils, these all came off a running bike. I also have a set of boyesen reeds from the same running bike. I have a lot of smaller parts, two of each, and wont be needing both, so feel free to ask. I am not saying anything here is in awesome condition and if its not for you I don't really care to hear about it, its just stuff I wont need and it might help someone get back up and moving again before a trip or something someone could use for a cheap build project. I am looking for a GOOD set of +2+1 J arms and tie rods for my project. They would need to be for the 90s J arm banshees. Or I would be interested in an A arm conversion kit with +2+1 A arms. Not looking for anything with chrome. Also looking for: Billet clutch housing NEW flywheel Stock length round house swing arm Billet water pump gear Good carbs without TORS I am building a mild 4 mil so if you have anything that think might be of use... Just TEXT me at 17128996473
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