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Found 14 results

  1. I’m currently saving for some nice shocks and wanted to see what was better for the price. I can’t find any price points for the worx and was wondering which are better all around. I pretty much only ride in glamis, hillshoot and with some duning. I was leaning more towards the worx purely based on the color way would suit my shee better lol
  2. Hello, banshee boys. Just want to hear from you guys.. what shock lengths will fit the shee with yfz450 arm conversation. Im looking to buy Elka stage 1 455mm or 17.8”. Will it work? Any advice would be appreciated
  3. Alright, so I have some old fox coil over shocks that were long overdue for some new bushings. The old ones are Poly bushings with the steel sleeve that the bolt slides through. I was talking to my uncle that runs our schools Fabrication and Autos program, he's very knowledgable on this kinda stuff. He says don't buy new ones, we can make some aluminum ones here on our lathes and mills. How would that hold up? Replacing the poly bushing (as pictured) with aluminum seems sketchy. Any thoughts?
  4. We ride a lot in Waynoka, Ok in the dunes, which are usually really rough and beat you up, I'm looking for a long travel setup that will be smooth enough in the rough, but good for occasional jumping sometimes we tend to jump quite a bit. I currently have a set of +2+1 a arms made by full flight (which I don't have much confidence in) but that's another story. The elka shocks I had with the a arms went bad and are too old to rebuild so I bought a new pair of Fox Float 3's when I got them they don't fit the long travel a arms so I guess I'm going to have to sell them. So after all the $$$ spent I still don't have it fixed. I guess my options would be 1. find someone trustworthy and buy a good used setup either just a pair of LT shocks, and use my full flight a arms or the whole a arms if the full flights aren't safe. 2. Quit trying to poor boy this deal and go ahead and buy new alba a arms and elka stage 3 shocks and get the rear shock too. 3. spend a little more $ go with roll design a arms and elka, which I truly don't want to spend that much unless I have too. I would like to find a good used setup that's in great shape if at all possible but have been burned so I am hesitant on doing that again. already spent enough to fix this thing right and still spending....lol I sure appreciate everyones advice and if you can please help me....
  5. in need of these parts: a arms with suspension steering stem- exhaust system radiator + new hoses reeds swing arm i am also interested in other things lmk what u have thx
  6. i am planning on setting my banshee up for mx but i am on a budget if u have any of these parts for sale lmk !! somethings i am looking for are +2+1 a-arms yfz450r shocks or any other brand suspension interested in almost anything an exhaust system new rims -2 or -1 swing arm and other parts you guys are trying to sell or if u guys know any good places to buy these parts thx.
  7. mike12

    mx banshee

    i am planing on doing a mx build for my banshee and i am on a budget so if anyone has any parts lmk in need of -suspension -a arm -pipes -swing arm -rear axel - over sized radiator -rims and anything else you got for sale thx
  8. Looking for a set of Purple plastics, Can be cut/uncut, Doesn't have to be in perfect shape, Just complete (Front,Rear,Tank sides, Etc.) Stock Steering stem(only needing because someone rolled mine and bent it) KN air filters for the stock carbs. Any reasonably priced sets of used a-arms, and a swing arm if its reasonably priced. You can contact me on here or text my cell at 6068023753, No calls as I work a lot and may not be able to answer the phone but I will answer texts as soon as I possibly can. Thanks.
  9. Ok this is my first post but. I just bought a an 01 banshee and it has stock suspension in it. I wanna get the +2,+1 a-arms and a full set of shocks. I will be jumping it but mostly just trail riding. How is long travel suspension for trail riding? for a long travel rear shock will the stock swing arm work with that or not?
  10. Can you but a arms on a banshee when it has v arms?
  11. Hi to all. I have been out of the banshee scene for about 7 years now and just now getting back into it. I need stiffer springs on my shocks because I'm about 280 pounds. I sit on this this bike and squash the hell out of the suspension. Any help is appreciated!
  12. I picked up some used stock A-Arms for my banshee along with a set of yfz 450 shocks. I've read all the pros/cons of running the 450 shocks on the stock setup, but want to give them a try...I'm thinking if nothing else I can just swap them back for my factory shocks if I have concerns once the arms are changed. Everything was going great with the swap (btw, the lowers are already modified to clear the larger shocks) when I realized that the lower a-arms don't have zerk fittings that my original arms have. It looks like they've been removed and filled...they are definitely stock arms. Is there any reason why someone would do this? Also, how should I proceed? Should I tap a set in, or just pack it with grease and go, or what?
  13. I can't seem to get rear shock dialed in. I put a Racetech Spring for my weight (220lbs.) on it and went 12 out on both comp. and rebound like the tech said. It seems to want to "buck" me over the handlebars at times. I do have a +4 swingarm and ride thru trails, tracks and quarrys. Most of the issue is when riding thru the whoops. I def need the compression all the way hard due to my weight. I want the bike to absorb the whoops better. Any info is helpful. I plan on getting better front and rear shocks soon.
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