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Found 10 results

  1. Working on a project bike and need all four wheels and tires. Will pick up if near Kansas City.
  2. So I can use some new front tires. I have Shredders in the rear, and mainly will be riding trails and possibly having some fun in a few inches of snow. What would a good "bang for the buck" tire be up front? I bought the bike with all of these on there.
  3. Well id like to first start off saying i LOVE bhq (been stalking you guys since i got the thing) but now i have a problem. Last weekend i made a horrible mistake of leaving the key in it (where i was i didnt think i had to worry about it) come back and the nerf bar on the right side was bent up. Stock a arms and tie rods tweaked and ALL 4 RIMS ARE BENT not all bad but still wtf. Went half on the shee with my father and hes reall ticked just like i am. Friday i was going to be getting rims (have stock on there now was going to be getting these http://m.ebay.com/itm/FOUR-ITP-SS112-Rims-Yamaha-Banshee-Warrior-350-Set-of-4-Wheels-Machined-Black/272070258392?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20161006002618%26meid%3Dfbc802b480fe4cddb1b1ad2b1fee4455%26pid%3D100694%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D30%26sd%3D221999751590&_trksid=p2385738.c100694.m4598) but i dont want to replace the tire cause theres nothing wrong with them. So my question is. Can i get these rims and just slap on the old rubbers? Ive been everywhere looking for sizes but everyone is always one number off. As for the a arms can anyone tell me where to find stock size aftermarket ones? Id love to go +2 +1 but then it wouldnt fit in the back of the truck. the shee is at my dads place right now. Next time im over there ill take some pics. Any info is GREATLY appreciated!
  4. Hi guys, I just got my first banshee and the tires are trashed. The dude I bought it from decided to cut the knobbies off of the rear tires and the front tires have no grip either and don't hold air for long. Other than that he took really good care of the bike and I think I got a pretty good deal. I am going to buy new wheels and tires soon and I think I want 10inch rear wheels. I love the look of the slightly bigger rim on an 18 or 20 inch tire, but I have only seen a few pics of a 10 inch rim with knobbies.. Most of the pictures I have seen of 10s have sand paddles. I ride probably about 60/40 trail riding and closed street riding(not drag racing) and my engine internal are stock specs if any of that matters for your suggestions.. But here is the look I'm going for. Idk who's bike this is btw. And here is what my tire situation looks like.. Sorry for the shitty angles these were random pictures I took the day after I bought it. I'll post some better pictures tomorrow night If you can, post some pictures of some 10inch wheels with dirt tires, and if you have em tell me what you think about them.. Thanks guys
  5. Im looking to put some street tires on one of my Banshees. Will Hoosier tires work with factory wheels or do i need aftermarket?
  6. Just bought an '06 banshee, and they came with ITP sand star 20x11-10R paddles (front and rear). Anyone have any experience with these? They any good?
  7. looking to trade my set of pro wedge 1s for a set of terrain traks or possibly sell for the right price they are like new and never been mounted up just looking for a different route can text pics upon request
  8. What we have are some left over parts from a previous post and alot of new parts, I had added them to the older post but a few pages in and I thought a new post would strike some new interest. Laegers +2+1 a-arms, powdercoated silvervein, arms only..no dust covers, bolts, or sleeves. 400 shipped Stock carbs with tors removed and clamp on k&n's and brand new prefilters, will also include cable. They will be cleaned before shipping. 125 shipped. Wheelman chassis +2 roundhouse swinger. I purchased this from wheelman a couple years ago and never had painted or coated. worked great for me on my dune bike. Has bearings installed in front pivot tube. 250 shipped Hot rods stock stroke stock rod length crank. needs one rod, bearing, pin. 65 shipped. Pro wedge II tires on blue label wheels. 150 PLUS SHIPPING K&N filter with outerwear for stock box and pro flo adapter 35 shipped Brand new pro design foam two stage replacement filter part number PD207, 30 shipped each have three. One is not even opened, one has been opened, the other has been ran once. DG nerf bars with blue nets. Still in decent shape. 100 shipped Dunlap dune runner paddles, 8 paddle. 22x11x8 pretty much selling the wheels. tires are pretty bald. 55 PLUS SHIPPING American Racer mismatched tires, no wheels. brand new, factory blems. 35 each or 60 for the pair PLUS SHIPPING Goodyear runami 22x10x8 tires on douglas wheels, one wheel is dinged up a little on inside bead. again basically buying for the wheels, 50 PLUS SHIPPING Two stock swingarms, 50 shipped for both or 35 shipped each. Tub full of misc. parts. I dont feel like sorting through all this stuff at the moment, just look at the pick and make me offers on the stuff you see. Pile of stock oem cranks, no good to me. If you have the ability to rebuild them im sure you could save/make some money. May have like 4-5 of them. make offer or going to scrap pile. Stock air box, no lid. one tab on back right corner broken off. Other than that great shape. 35 shipped. Stock J-arms. white paint is pretty rough, not sure if this was an item needed either but that I would list before scrapping. 40 shipped.
  9. Hey guys first post here I just bought an 03 banshee last summer and I am looking for some aftermarket parts!!!! Willing to pick up in the cenral Minnesota area!, let me know what you have! Thank you
  10. hey guys , might seem new to the forums but actually ben dealing alot through some one else and decided to finally make my own bhq account , clearing some stuff out to make room for more any questions or more pix feel free to pm and i will do it as prompt as possible , located in soouthern california Brand new never used or mounted: 14 pdl xtremes 10x9 dwt wheels 73/74 rollout 500.00 shipped 10 pdl xtremes 22/11/8 72 rollout 420.0 shipped 12 pdl haullers 22/11/8 72 rollout 420.0 shipped lightly used all hold air no rips or tears 11 pdl xtreme on dwt wheels spray painted black 79 roll out 420.00 shipped 8 pdl hauller staggered 78 roll out 24/11/10 on dwt wheels 380.00 shipped sand skates and sand stars on rims 220.00 shipped 10x2 spindle mounts with 18 smooth buffs 410.00 shipped nickle sb sf oof shearers out the left have 2 slight 450.00 shipped mattoon 10 plate setup includes: basket lock up cover lock up clutch plates hub pressure plate springs
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