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  1. The most important tool in your banshee tool box for sure
  2. I'm willing to bet your right side seal is bad if not both of them. Tare it down and replace all seals and gaskets that way you know it's all good. Make sure you buy a good crank case sealant. Idk what everyone else uses buy i like polaris crank case sealant (I get it free at work) and it's good shit
  3. Yes you can have perfect compression and still have a leaking case. He probably burnt the top end up because the case had a leak and he was running lean....
  4. Compression test is completely different from pressure test.... Compression is what pressure is in your cylinder above your piston when it makes a stroke. Pressure testing or leak down testing tests the crank case ( under your piston )
  5. If you have a crankcase leak it's drawing air in from there as well, so it's getting to much air coming in and not enough fuel..... So when you dump a bunch of fuel on the piston it starts and runs until that fuel burns up, assuming your carbs are 100% and so is your electric then it has to be a crank case leak
  6. Ok then just do this...... tare motor completely down... split the cases.... order a COMPLETE gasket and seal kit along with some crank case sealant. Install all new seals, apply sealant to the crank case halfs and reassemble with all new gaskets. No need to apply sealant to gaskets unless you have a fd up case or cylinder. Then come back and let us know what's going on
  7. FFS..... when diagnosing a runibility issue anyone with common sence is going to start with the basics.... fuel? Spark? Air? Compression? Ok you have all those right? Then what's next???? Oh ya let's see if our motor is leaking..... did you know that with a 2 stroke all your air is pulled in from under your piston? So where do you think a crank case leak plays into this???
  8. Crank seals. Crank seals will make it smoke burning trans oil......
  9. LEAK DOWN TEST! THERE STUPID SIMPLE TO BUILD AND WILL 100% TELL YOU WHERE YOUR PROBLEM IS!!!! without throwing parts at it and "hoping" it solves your issue
  10. Carbs on the right way? Choke tube in the middle? As Dennis said make sure your pistons are in the right direction. And do yourself a favor and search leak down tester on this forum. You can build one for less than $30 and it is a life saver. Test that motor!!!! One little air leak can do crazy things to a 2 stroke engine
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