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  1. Yea they parted them on here. And if you were trying to play with them I hope you built a hell of a bike. Those girls ran hard. As for Sunni and Jarrod I still see them up there sometimes but it doesn't seem like it's near as much as a few years back. Then again I haven't been up there much either so maybe that's why I don't see them very often.
  2. Jackie and her man got out of it a while back. Like finch said they parted their bikes and got more into racing with the kids. I'm sure they will make a come back of some sort someday but that is to be seen. I will be out there with my little turd cruising around. But nobody else in my group has anything worth a crap since jackie and greg are out of the picture.
  3. +4 or smaller roundhouse swingarm? Prefer chrome
  4. I am looking for a +4 link style roundhouse swingarm will consider shorter as well but no longer. Prefer chrome
  5. If you had a +4 in chrome I would take it for sure. That's the only thing stopping me from getting that thing off your hands.
  6. I will take the rear shock if you split and if it is in good working shape.
  7. Yes they are both good people and won't do wrong to any one. As said they have had some of the fastest bikes that run at sand mountain, nv and work closely with nate mccoy and adrenaline powersports. I got most of the parts for my bike from them over the years, and they've never done me wrong. If you buy from them you can be sure you will get what was described and some strong motors.
  8. I can on Sunday or Monday when I go pick up my quad. But you will probably have yours by then already.
  9. Just put an asi on mine. Top and one side mount for fine. The other side mount I had to make a little Bracket to move the bolt hole over 1/2". Other then that it's working fine so far
  10. Yea, I'm fine with not having to pay. Only problem is no enforcement to keep the idiots in check. That part I can see as a potential problem.
  11. I heard it will be open, just won't have any enforcement.
  12. I can't say that I'm in the market for any at the moment. Got other shit going on, but thanks for looking out. I normally go up during all the big holidays, only because I don't like to really dune on mine and its all I have. But this year I have only gone I think twice due to work. I've been to Pismo a couple times. I don't try and do that often
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