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  1. 6823336147 my buddy Brent has a set give him a call. 485 trex cylinders I think 500 shipped its a complete top end
  2. Do u still want them? Sent from my SM-G386T using Tapatalk
  3. 100 shipped Sent from my SM-G386T using Tapatalk
  4. 485 cheetah (pv blocked off) Drag ported Shearer in frames 39mm pwk Pods Compression 160 Stock gearing Where to start with my jetting?
  5. I see the post below but it's not exactly the same question. What is the best all around tire setup? I go from sand, to clay, to dirt, to pea gravel, and on a track. Looking for a good all around tire not to expensive. Also I have read that I may wanna go to a 22 instead of a 20 on the rear due to some rocky situations I get into.
  6. Have a set of cases with some chain damage, a hot rods stock stroke crank, and every nut and bolt to assemble the bottom end.
  7. Contact wes hazzard at Hazzard Racing Customs 2192997777
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