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  1. Whats everyone running these days? I’ve actually been using Stihl synthetic moto mix @ 40:1 (2.6 oz bottles)...i run it 50:1 in my ported 880 Magnum and that beast runs top with it ......i just had a couple bottles left and didnt have any of my usual Yamalube....i have a 4mm stroker and it actually seems to run a little smoother with the motomix vs yamalube.....
  2. I also have a stock water pump cover and the little center piece of the clutch cover....make offer just trying to unload some stuff here
  3. I have some stock items for sale...they’re in decent shape...PM me for pics.... FMF Boost Bottle....10$ Clutch Basket/Plates/Vitos clutch Gasket cover (no primary gear) 85$ Stock radiator: fair shape ...40$
  4. I ended up cuting the T into the smaller line on the top of the head.....hopefully it’ll register, because i know its a smaller line...it came out clean and looks really good, i just hope it works....
  5. Yup thats the exact gauge type i have...long as it doesnt leak, im not too concerned on the looks, cuz ill hide it...but thats exactly what im thinking of doing...i wish they made a threaded plastic one to handle the high temps...
  6. U can take it bro...thank u for the offer though....i just ended up ordering an inline gauge....
  7. I was looking at trailtechs, but i kind of like the mechanical gauge look.....i posted a new topic cuz i forgot i asked this 😂...like i said i went to home depot, but cant really find the right t fitting that i need.....
  8. Not sure if this has been asked before, but Im installing a temp gauge and im wondering what u guys with them use for a t fitting so the probe threads into the top...i went to Home Depot, but really couldnt find anything....i know they sell one, but i cant seem to find one that goes down to 3/4....i was also thinking a hydraulics place may have a t with a threaded top
  9. Anyone know what size they are in MM...im looking at cutting a t fitting into it for a temp gauge and need to know size...i thought it was 38mm but cant remember
  10. I just dont like the way they look....i like the stock fronts rims and tires compared to aftermarkets...
  11. Id take golds....or silvers...doesnt matter, just want stockers preferably with a set of decent tires...dont even care if they’re a little worn...i just dont like the look of the front SS with tires...the fronts are bigger than the rears, which doesnt look right to me..
  12. Im lookin for fronts bud....thatd be great if hed be willing to sell them, trade them for my ss’s with tires, whatever he wants to do...
  13. Im in MA, but id gladly pay for shipping...
  14. I HAVE A SET OF new black SS’s on the Front with brand new tires...I don’t like them...Im just looking for some stockers...i dont even care if the tires are 100%...just decent will work for now...Ill trade the SS’s with a few bucks on my end, or ill keep the SS’s if someone just wants cash...Anyone have a spare set, they wanna part with, PM me.
  15. Clutch and basket for the 4mm went perfect....got the adjustment surprisingly on the first shot...I soaked them in shell Rotella 15w/40 for an hr or so while i pulled everything apart......the worst part was drilling out the rivets on the gear that mounts to the basket...Just tedious, but not hard....shifts smooth as silk...I used ATF 4 fluid for the clutch oil, because a few people i know run it in their drag banshees and havent had any problems....I dont even ride the the thing that much or beat on it..Thanks for the tips and input and thank god for youtube/banshee videos 😂 😂 😂
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